Raphaelite PM 1.1 step up transformer

I already had an excellent stereo system, partially thanks to Pacific Valve, and my vinyls sounded great but they were a bit lacking in the low end, especially compared to SACD's. So I ordered the Raphaelite PM 1.1 and got a great deal on an Audio-Technica AT-33EV cartridge. As luck would have it, the cartridge arrived first so I spent the better part of 90 minutes removing the high output MC (Blue Point #2) that came on the Pro-Ject and aligning the AT-33EV (by eyeball mind you, later shown to be dead on when I got my alignment tool). I connected it to my NAD PP3 phono amp and selected the MC input. The records didn't sound much different and I began to have this sinking feeling that I had just wasted my time and money. The next day when the Raphaelite arrived my spirits brightened when I saw the shear physical beauty of the step up transformer and I quickly hooked it up. I was not at all prepared for the sound when I fired up the system and put on my new copy of "Whos Next", but needless to say I way stunned by the difference in the bass response! Running through a number of albums, time after time they were fantastic! I have some albums on both CD and vinyl, and the vinyl is now so much better! Another pleasant surprise is how quiet the vinyls sound compared to the old setup. Sometimes one gets lucky in life- it turns out that the Raphaelite is a perfect match for the cartridge. At a nominal output of 0.3mv the 19.6 ratio bumps it up to a very respectable 5.9mv; also, assuming a nominal 47K ohm phono input the effective impedance that the cartridge sees is 122 ohms- nearly dead on to the manufacturer's recommended 100 ohms. Has anyone else tried a step up transformer?