Raos cartridge

Anyone heard about the Raos cartridge from Taiwan?
No. But I'm pretty sure you just joined up so you could tell us about it. ;-)
Good one.
Yes, I have the MC5B in my system. Initial impression is extremely open mid-range, as good or maybe better than my Koetsu. Not fully run in yet though.
One of my friend from Taiwan recommended Raos cartridge highly. I can't find any information or dealer in the US (except an Audiogon ad selling MC5B by someone). Please post any info you have, preferably in English. Thx.
Well, I could not help but notice that Nicecupoftea, much like Music_lovers, just registered on Audiogon, and this is his first post as well. Hmmmm.....

Interesting, huh?

What do you think Dan_ed? You gonna run right out and buy one to try it out?

PS As a bit of advice to music_lovers, perhaps it might make sense, if you are trying to start up a buzz about your product, to offer a couple of these cartridges for a free trial to some of the better known analog aficionados on this site, (Rauliruegas, AlbertPorter and Dougdeacon come immediately to mind), and let them review them. (And of course you could offer them up to the professional reviewers, although I prefer to read what the audiophiles here on Audiogon and Audio Asylum have to say, as they are not getting paid for their reviews.).
My two cents worth anyway.
Actually I have been a member since 2000 but it never occured to me to post before, and it didn't occur to me that no-one would be interested in the cartridge, only about the intentions behind the post. There's something special about the cartridge but I am just listening to it and will maybe try others in the range. If anyone is interested please email me directly, I really don't want to offend anyone by posting more details here.

I managed to buy one of these cartridges for myself (not easy, I don't read chinese and relied on Babelfish).
a friend just bought one, I am supposed to receive one too. I am sure he will post his impression soon and he has owned many different cartridges on his Orbe/SME V.
Nicecupoftea , a member since 2000 and this is your first post,EVER ???.Must be one hell of a cartridge to awaken you to this forum.Which Koetsu are you comparing this $350 cartridge to the Platinum ??
As a side note, I took a look, and Nicecupoftea has been a member for a couple of years. (02-17-07 is the date listed as his being active.) And yet today was his first post ever.

Even more interesting, is the Music_lover has been a member even longer (heck, longer than myself), as his active date is 03-23-02. And again, he first post was today also.


I apologize for mistrusting you both, but I do have a question for both of you:
Do either of you remember your password from years ago, when you set up your audiogon account, when you've never needed it? (Neither of you have posted, nor bought or sold anything via Audiogon either - at least you have no feedback record, so you would never need to login.) I can barely remember passwords that I only use on a monthly basis, let alone one I only use once every year or so. Just curious is all!)
Just installed my MC5B in a freind's LP12 and his comment was "I'm hearing notes on my records I haven't heard before" and he wants to buy it from me right away.
Hopefully we will get the MC5 (bare) version and the very special - at least from the description - MC30, customized to perfectly match my Superline and ARO, to try in about a month. Will report back here.
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Echoes from the distant past?

Voices which were none too credible then are revived after four years of silence... by yet another member who's never posted, bought or sold on Audiogon before.

To Raoslei's credit, he's now openly shilling his own product. That's an improvement, of a sort.