Rant: PSA to builders, housewives, and general complaint

In our search for a new house, I’m seeing some disturbing and annoying trends, mainly, living rooms where the ONLY place to put a TV is way high above a fireplace. This leaves zero flexibility for tv placement, additional audio components etc. Most don’t even have plugs. I'm also in Texas and there's ZERO need for a fireplace.

Not to mention all the "open concepts" we’re seeing where the living room is strangely shaped and the kitchen is basically in the room where you hear all the kitchen noise and you’re 100% accessible to your spouse and their conversation (ramblings).

This isn’t a problem if you have $2m to spend but for most of us, we’re limited in where we can set up our toys and this does not help.

Thank you for listening.


I agree with @larry5729. I have never understood why anyone would want to put a TV up so high that you have to crane your neck to see it. Not exactly comfortable for watching a movie or anything else. Good luck to you. In only a half jest, I'd say cover up the d*$#@ fireplace by putting the TV down in front of it. Especially if you live in Texas and wouldn't even think of using it in January. 

Seems builders (and many people) like the "spaciousness" of an "open floor" home where there are no walls between the den/living room and kitchen.  Ugh. 

@dtximages--best of luck on your move. Nashville was not booming like it is now when we were initially looking- we wanted no winter, a university where I could teach part time (I'm retired) and a good rowing culture-- my wife is into competitive rowing. Since we never had kids, we had a little flexibility but if you are patient and have access to the multi-list, targeted by zip code and price, you can exclude a lot of houses and maybe luck out. I was up in Dallas the other day to visit one of the known audiophiles here- it was 10 degrees cooler than Austin, but was told it was just an anomaly - they had a break in the weather. The hardest part of Texas for me is the summer heat- I like the people, I like getting out into Deep Texas and exploring.  

I live in an older house that thankfully has walls and doors - large open spaces would drive me crazy trying to 'tune' a system.

I have a 65" wall mounted TV above the fireplace and like it - no issue at all.  I suppose that it could be a problem if the mantel was unusually high.

I also have a similar TV wall mounted above my equipment rack in another room, and again, no problem viewing it.

Maybe get a recliner so you don't have to stretch your neck for viewing....?

@whart yeah we had a couple of days under 100deg and it felt great with no humidity!

Anyway, my angst about the fireplace isn't so much with mounting the tv too high, it's the total lack of options it allows.. No place for my "spread" if you will (media cabinet full of sparkling equipment, center channel, etc.)  

I swear it all started with a magazine and a woman (or man I suppose so i dont get banned) saw it and had to have it. 

Unfortunately, I can't say NO to a house based only on "theres not enough room for my stereo" haha. 




That’s why four years ago I bought a sixty year old ranch house.  Three bedroom, separate living room, dining room and a 16’x22’ family room, which is where my main system is.  There’s also a 15’x15’ bonus room in the full basement where my old system lives, 6’ from the breaker box.

All the best.