Rant- Ebay seller and the cost of shipping 1 cd.

Hi y'all. I apologize that this more of a rant than anything else, there is a cd that I want to buy, the cd is $8.51 'buy it now' option, which is ok, now the sellers shipping charges.
To quote:

$6.99 Kinda Slow (12-21 Days*)
$7.99 Best Value (6-9 Days*)
Much faster delivery time for a little more. Insurance is optional at checkout.
$16.99 Really Fast (3-5 Days*) additional item $9.99.
Insurance is included with this service.

I have purchased many cd's from all over the US and I waited probably a maximum of 7 days to receive the Item/s, even when i order from the EU.
Does anyone think these postage charges are reasonable to have 1 cd shipped in the US, or have I just been spoilt or lucky?
I usually pay about $2.65 for a single cd shipping in the US. When I send cd's to friends in the shipping is $1.65 excluding the puffy yellow bag. I think it is about $5 to send to EU (if my memory serves me)
I can and do appreciate that a small profit should be made when a seller sends a cd.
Any body else got any views/queries about shipping charges that they have Incured?
You misunderstand the purpose of the 1 cent cd auctions. They aren't one cent because the seller is anxious to give good deals. Merchandise is priced low so that the seller doesn't have to pay Ebay their percentage of the auction. Done this way, sellers make their profit off of the shipping and handling and get to keep more of the proceeds.
report the seller to ebay. I've done this in the past. ebay has a policy that says sellers are forbidden from charging excessive shipping charges (they do this because it cheats them out of final value fees if sellers put a low sell price and high shipping to make their profit). I'd be surprised if it helps you get a better deal on the shipping, but it may help you feel better by ranting to another person.

You could also send a polite email to the buyer, indicating you want the CD, but think the shipping costs are too high. Ask him to ship it by (some easy method) for an amount you think would be agreeable. Indicate that you'd buy under this condition. He may either ignore you or tell you to pound salt, but at least you could be a thorn in his side in the process. I have had buyers contact me to "negotiate" terms for buy it now sale - I think it's entirely fair game and would rather they give me a chance to say know then walk away.

By the way, I've never paid that kind of shipping for something like a cd, and would probably just walk away. Just the way he's worded his terms indicates he's not interested in customer service, nor satisfaction.
Gawdbless, I feel you.

There have been many CDs I would have purchased off of eBay, both auctions and buy it now, but for the shipping gouges, er..., "charges".

Amazon is where I do most of my purchases.
You don't have to buy it if you feel the shipping charge is too high.
Photon46, It is not a 1 cent auction. It is a 'buy it now' for
Lamcam, of course you are correct, the only thing I have to do everyday is breathe. Do you not think the charges are a little bit excessive?
Oops, misread your post. Well, look at it this way. With the shipping charge, the cost of a cd (if new) works out to be about retail. At least that's the way I look at these sort of sellers. My premise still holds true though, it's a way sellers use to maximize profits and cut Ebay out of their percentage. Many sellers are ticked off at Ebays new fee structure and this sort of thing is becoming more common. I always try to buy off of Half.com, had much better luck getting good deals there. I guess I've had bad luck with dishonest scammers on Amazon, too many misrepresented discs condition wise.
The shipping charges seem a bit high. However, the tactic isn't unusual among E-Bay sellers.

E-Bay shopping requires combining the "winning bid" amount and the shipping amount to determine if it's a good price for the item.

I have found many times that buying the same used item from an Amazon seller is considerably less expensive.
You have been given some very good advice. I email them and ask for a better shipping price. If they say that is their price and it's final then shop elsewhere. I have come across many CD's I want to purchase and have passed on them because I feel the price is too high or the shipping. I too will go to Amazon or google and search for sales on the CD also.
You must have patience and wait for a good deal. Sometimes I do find many of the CD's I want in thrift shops and flea markets. So you have many options. And last when you see a specific CD you want to look under completed auctions and see if there were some that did not sell. Contact them and see if they will sell direct. Ebay sometimes will try and block you but but as I said have patience. A good deal will come. I love the shipping on Amazon it's almost always under $3.00. Check craigs list too and Annies list.
Current E Bay announcement when listing:CD's DVD's
Attention Seller!
Starting in October, the maximum shipping cost in this category will be $3.00. You'll be asked to enter a shipping cost less than or equal to this cost for the first U.S. flat rate shipping service.

Get a head start on these changes by updating your shipping costs for this listing
Yes the advice given has been good. I am a very conscious buyer for the most part although I will pay over the odds if it is for something that Is 'a must have'. Just not that particular cd, and not at that price. I do go to the local thrift stores, I purchased a Paul Maccartney cd, something I thought I would ever never do, it is the Liverpool Oratio on EMI, looks brand new and cost all of $2.99. Quite good actually well it does have Carl Davis, Mr Mccartney probably made the tea,lol
I've not bought anything from Amazon will give that a go soon though. Thanks all for your input.
The curiosity got the best of me....WHAT CD IS IT???
The 'Rock Follies' a 70's British series about a female group,
funny just checked on Ebay and its not there.
Classic Brit rock.
This one is similar but not the same.

9.41 on amazon


Thanks for that info, seems more reasonable than Ebay!
I charge $5 flat shipping for CDs (any number) on Audiogon. That's for USPS priority shipping. It's relatively fast. $5 is fair to the buyer, I'm not making anything on it. The boxes are free and I recycle bubble wrap from other things.
I think that ebay dude is making money on his shipping like so many ebayers do.