Random question/ thoughts about stuff for sale here

Guys and Gals - 

Maybe it's just me, but oftentimes, when I see equipment for sale here on Audiogon that I'm not personally familiar with, I have a tendency to develop an immediate bias that the equipment is deficient in some way (inherent to the product, not the actual item for sale).  

I know that audiophiles (by nature) are always swapping gear and trying new things in pursuit of perfection, but when I see something for sale, I subconsciously and irrationally conclude that the gear didn't live up to that hope and I mark it off my list as something I would ever consider buying.  This is true whether it's a phono preamp, cables, speakers or anything for that matter.

I know it's an unfounded bias, but one that I'm not able to move on from.

Is this just me or do others feel similarly?



It's just you. Well I can't really say that but for me I am usually looking for something specific and consider it my good fortune if the item shows up from a good seller and in good shape.
I know that audiophiles (by nature) are always swapping gear and trying new things in pursuit of perfection ...
I think that's actually a small subset of audiophiles. Many audiophiles own their gear long-term.
Not at all, I love that people sell stuff they are sick of or just wanting to jump to the next level so we all get the advantage of been able to purchase something great at a more affordable price..........This is very much like buying a high end car after it was leased for 2-3 years.

Matt M
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I like all the above answers. Most of the items up for sale are due to upgrades or poor synergy in somebody's system usually due to not auditioning said item.
You can tell who is here to flip products by checking his feedback activity.
Plus, usually he is not part of the forum community.
not that many individuals selling here any more.
When one finds himself absorbed by the music---becoming one with it, the gear becomes secondary, just the means to the end. When that doesn't happen, time to change something I guess.
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I don't necessarily feel that way, but I understand it.  Lots of reasons, other than deficiency, stuff comes up for sale--upgrades/itis, downsizing, moving, synergy (or lack of), raising cash, re-prioritizing hobbies/interests, kids, bills, death, switching direction in gear (SS to tube/analog-to-digital, for example), placing too much weight on some review or recommendation, spousal acceptance (is that PC?), coming to grips with the addiction, etc.

Your bias also otherwise gives way too much credit to the seller (assuming you don't know him/her), if the bias is based on "the gear [not] liv[ing] up to the hope."

But, I think some folks just want to unload their junk, too.
who wants to buy my cassette deck???
I agree with what's said above, I was once deeply in the grip of audiophilia nervosa and bought and sold lots of gear constantly changing just to try something new. Almost all of it great stuff that looking back I could have been happy with. I've slowed down a lot in that regard but I do still on occasion change out gear, and accessories, that I am happy with to find out if something is better. Lots of cool gear on here and often the stuff you've never heard of is just a hidden gem waiting for you to find it.
Cassette deck? I'm looking for a NOS Onkyo TA-2090! Bought mine at WDS (Wisconsin Discount Stereo) around 1985 for $500. Then I killed it by accident when I installed a ceiling fan and crossed two 110 volt lines into one 220 -oops!
It's great so many people have shared their thoughts and contributed to this thread.

To go a bit further to clarify my initial post - 

There have been times where I know exactly what I want already and then apply a level of patience until something comes up for sale - Case in point, my current main speakers were ones that purchased from a local seller on here about 6-7 years ago.

For me, it's never a matter of a seller or condition of the equipment or even price that evokes the bias, it's the product itself.

In practical terms, I see a lot of prior generation Opportunities BDP's for sale lately and they get a hall pass since I know that Opposition has just come out with the new 203 and announced the 205.  But for so many other products that I see come up for sale frequently I apply a level of "intuitive logic' that leads to the bias.

For example, I spend a lot of time in the forums (largely lurking) and I seldom see the products that people rave about in the forums come up for sale and vice versa.  I know that this is just bias but I still can't seem to get past it - I'm sure there are lots of great products out there that I could be missing out on simply because seeing them for sale here (and seldom written about favorably in the forums, if at all) as a red flag-  right or wrong.

Make sense?


It's you!   I buy what sounds best to ME!  

Actually it's financially advantageous in the minority so prices are lower.   Lower demand = lower price!
lots of reasons to sell including many dealers do not take trades !!!
cassette deck ?sure
dragon or 1000 may apply
those are junk for sure...

to the OP , the seller may find that the component for sale doesn't work well in his system for any variety of reasons.  That doesn't mean that it won;t work in your system, In fact it might be the magic you are looking for.  The vast , vast majority of long time agoners are very honest.  They will not sell you broken crap like I have gotten on Ebay.

@ Stfoth the term we use Wife Acceptance Factor or WAF.

It's you Greg.

So by your thinking, anything you see for sale you lose interest in because someone else is getting rid of it? Alrighty then!

Interesting, I never thought of it that way. I guess I've been buying used stuff for so long I don't even think of it like that.
I look at it as I can now afford to buy something that I could not afford to buy previously.

The 'raves' you are reading about on the forums are probably from boutique manufacturers. Very small quantities. That is the laws of resale. You will find many more used popular items for sale than you will find less prominent items.
Someone sells 5,000 preamps, you will find more of them on the used market than someone who sells 50 preamps. Simple as that.

Part of this hobby is that some folks love to find that 'diamond in the rough'. Something that punches way outside of it's weight class. I've been there myself. In a sense we are all still just panning for gold.

Sure, there is stuff like that out there, but all fads eventually fizzle, and resale on those boutique pieces is killer. You basically have to 'give them' away once everyone moves on to the next fad.

It's just a marketplace, don't over think it.
Since my retirement I have renewed my interest in audio. I have bought and sold many audio components on AG, and bought on Ebay. This activity fostered development of 4 systems:  speakers, DAC, cables for my primary system in a dedicated room; all components for my secondary system used outside on deck; most components for my tertiary system which supports video and audio in living room; and those for my headphone system. I have swapped out equipment in the development of each system, however once I reach 'evolutionary climax' with a system, which has been a 3-4 year process for any system, I tend to keep it with minor changes for several years. This is now true for all but the headphone system which I might change out regarding the amp/DAC configuration. Prior to retirement I owned the same system for ~25 years. As with the aforementioned ones, it also took about 3 years to develop. 

I won't try to speak for others, however in my case, I buy and sell with the goal of developing a audio system for a specific environment, possessing a sonic synergy for that environment, and once developed to satisfaction enjoy that system for a long time.  
OK then - So it's confirmed through consensus - I'm crazy :)