Ramsey Lewis Trio - Finest Hour

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Just received this CD from a friend. This is Ramsey Lewis and the Trio at their best and recorded live. Released in 2000 on the Verve Label and is their catalog number 314543763-2. Track Listing Below:


Disk 1
1. In Crowd, The
2. Limelight
3. Delilah
4. Black Eye Peas
5. Carmen
6. Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
7. Consider The Source
8. Little Liza Jane
9. Here 'Tis
10. Something You Got
11. Hang On Sloopy
12. Hard Day's Night, A
13. Hi-Heel Sneakers
14. Wade In The Water
15. Uptight
16. Day Tripper
17. One, Two, Three
18. Soul Man

As you can see all the great material is here on this disc and it is just one great performance after another.

From the opening track of his signature piece "The In Crowd" to the last track "Soul Man" it is just a complete joy to listen to, with the crowd really getting in to it.

We all know that Ramsey Lewis is now with Urban Knights, but this catches him with all his great material on one CD.

Don't miss it.
I agree, this is a great album. One of the few that always makes my wife say "could you turn that up?"
I also have and enjoy this CD.
Thanks for this info. I'll be sure to add this one to my collection.
I have "Wade in the Water" on LP & "Appasionata" on CD - also very good albums.
Any comments on how the recording sounds ?
The Ramsey Lewis CD in this thread sounds very goodand Verve did an outstanding job of putting these selections together. No dissappointment here.
Hey Ferrari,
yesterday I received the "Finest Hour" CD (Verve label) & it really is very good! The "the 'in' crowd" track really got me going & I can see why he received a Grammy in 1966 for it!
Good recommendation. Thanks!
My reply was made with not much thought as I look back at the original post, that is not the CD I have; I have "Time Flies", which I like.