Ramones mixed with BW 801 at Abbey Road..

Ramones in Mono, as they originally wanted their first LP to be released, was finally released days ago, produced by the original producer Craig Leon at Abbey Road. In the very nice booklet, Craig notes that the speakers used were the BW Natilus 801.

Isn't it strange that those speakers were chosen for punk rock music - Abbey Road also has PMC among others...?. Aren't they often judged as being boring, liveless?
I haven’t heard EVERY B&W Nautilus, but I did hear the first Nautilus. Unengaging is how I would put them. Some speakers make me reach for the OFF switch. The Nautilus did not, they also wouldn’t make me reach for my pocket book, even when driven by stacks of Krell amplifiers.

I had always loved the looks and concept of the B&W line, until I heard them. Modern versions seem to do odd things to speech, so much so that movies mixed on them only play back well on B&W. LotR is one example.

The point I am making I guess, is that to me the studio grade attributes are pure hype that should not have made it out of the 20th century. They are certainly not neutral, particularly well time aligned, or smooth measuring, and based on what I've heard of LotR, really not neutral enough to use in a professional setting.


Back to Mono! That seems very appropriate for The Ramones. I'm gettin 'it! I like their second, third, and fourth albums even more (Marky is a much more "muscular" drummer than is Tommy), but the first is great too.