RAM Super Low Noise 12AX7

I STILL have my tube rush from the phono stage in my Rogue99.I sent the board to Mark @ Rogue and it came back today without any less rush.Mark said he put the quietest Sovtek LPS in it he had.Audio Advisor sells the Rams that they make a big deal about being Super low noise.My dealer said Rams suck.Any opinions..Carl,are you a tube guy???
Sorry David, not much of a tube guy. I have a Musical Fidelity X-Cans headphone amplifier, which uses 6922's for the output stage. It's very quiet, and very fun to use with my Senn 600's. Dynamics could be better, but I don't feel like springing for the upgrade power supply yet. Don't you just love it when you think you might try something, only to have a dealer (or otherwise outspoken guy like me) say, "Oh yes, I've heard those. They suck!!" I say try them anyway, if you can return them. I wonder what a headphone amp with 300B's would sound like??
David99, I hate to tell you this, but there is a chance that the Rogue 99 cannot be made quiet enough for you with any 12AX7 tube. If Mark has installed the quietest tubes he has, and they are indeed the new Sovtek LPS, there is probably not anything more you can do on the tube front. I would be willing to bet that the RAM tubes are re branded NOS. Who knows what brand or performance they are, unless you get them and have the experience to look and determine what they are. I am a tube guy BIG TIME. I own about seven different brands of 12AX7's, and several variety's of that type within the brands. The Sovtek is not the ultimate sounding 12AX7 in many applications, but noise is NOT a problem in any of my experiments. I would welcome speaking with you about your system's noise problem in general. There are a dozen other things that can contribute to the "rushing" noise that is not directly related to the tube compliment.
Albert, please contact me at [email protected] and I will explane all I can think of. Thank you so much.