RAM-modded PS Audio HCA-2 thoughts....

Has anyone heard a RAM-modded PS Audio HCA-2. I haven’t heard the stock HCA-2, but I am very pleased with the modded version and I was wondering what others think. I run mine with a PS Audio PCA-2 (and also recently a TAD-150 Signature preamp) and Vienna Acoustics Beethovens. The Beethovens, at 91db/4ohms, are not a killer load, but to my ears they sound best with relatively high-powered solid state amps. I have used a handful of other solid state amps with varying degrees of success, but the modded HCA-2 took the Viennas to a whole new level. It seems to push the speakers effortlessly-in part probably because the amp runs almost completely cool. I am not great with the “audiophile adjectives,” but this amp consistently knocks me out. The bass has slam, yet it's controlled, the soundstage is deep and wide, relaxed, transparent “you are there” sound, voices sound like voices, piano sounds like it should …it even has that midrange magic.

Anyone else have any experience?
If you want to post a review of your mod, then do that, otherwise, this just looks like a shill. I mean, if you like the sound then how much extra input would help you out? This isn't really a question, is it?
Hmm...so I can post what I posted if I call it a "review," but if I post my thoughts (and include the word "thoughts" in the subject line) about a product and ask if anyone else has experience with the product it is a "shill"? Very interesting.

I enjoy hearing other people's thoughts and opinions about equipment. I like to read reviews of equipment I own or that I am considering purchasing. I have not seen a review or any opinion whatsoever online about this product, so I posted my thoughts and query.

I think if I actually ask a question it qualifies as a question.