Raleigh - Durham and Richmond Audiophiles?

Dear Friends

After many years in and out of Cincinnati, I am leaving Procter & Gamble and moving to MeadWestvaco. I will be relocating to Raleigh, NC in November. Its gratifying to see how the Cincinnati Audiophile thread I started here years ago is still "alive". At any rate, looking forward to meeting new audiophiles in North Carolina. I will also spend significnat time in Richmond, VA. My system will likely end up in storage for some time while I build a house with a proper listening room.

The man who built my speakers lives in Raleigh-Durham. He tells me there is a club in the area, with a lot of members who make their own, very high quality, equipment. It is tough to get in touch with him, but if I can I will try to find out some contact information. If you're in Richmond you might be able to look up member Rushton, who I believe lives in the area now.

Just noticed this thread while going to the audio club thread, I am sure you will be missed here in Cinci. I have been to your place a couple of times with Ed & Larry and enjoyed your system and hospitality immensely. I believe your set-up has been the reference point for quite a few of us. Good luck in Raleigh. I have family there, it is a beautiful place to live.

God speed,
Alex, there is quite an active audio group in Richmond, VA. When you're planning to be in the area, drop me a note. You're welcome to join me for a listening session and I can introduce you to some other folks in this area.

I'm in this area. Anything active now?

check in with Audio/Video Excellence and Audio Advice, both, in Raleigh NC. Glenwood Ave area. I visit both shops whenever I am in town. There might be activity in the Apex/Cary NC area?