I have been racking my brains about what DAC to choose and forgot about K&K. I have owned Kevin Carter's Phono stage for years and am very impressed with it, particularly how he is constantly improving and upgrading it,making the results available at reasonable cost.

There is little chat about K&K products, no advertising or reviews, so I would appreciate some feedback, particularly where it sits in performance terms with some of the other units I have been considering. I plan to use the DAC with my ageing CD player, while it still works, then move into computer or server audio. My audition list had settled on the following units, in no particular order:
Weiss DAC2
Ayre QB9
Zodiac Gold

It's not likely many of you have much experience of the RAKK Dac against any of these units, but any feedback about relative performance against these or other units, would be appreciated. I do know about the users forum over on Audioasylum, but prefer to ask the question here.
Thanks David