Raking Angle

Do you all setup you analog systems so that the raking angle of the stylus is perpendicular to the record surface? I'm having a hard time achieving such an angle due to the design of my tonearm and cartridge and believe this may be the cause of some slight sibilance in the sound.
I rake my cartridge down in the rear for best results. If you can do that it often give you less sibilance and better bottom end!This is called VTA.
I think you are referring to Stylus Rake Angle (SRA). Much has been written about this over the years and a 2 degree angle from vertical is usually recommended.

In looking at the linked illustration the angle labeled SRA would be 88 degrees. The top of the stylus would be leaning to the left.

With more advanced stylus types (shibata, ect.) the cut of the diamond determines the angle and just setting the arm up parallel to the top of the platter to start is the way to go.

Spend some time raising or lowering the arm (VTA) to get the proper setup.

>>12-04-10: Yogiboy
This is called VTA<<


SRA and VTA are different.
Thanks for the input. I have tried in the past to get the stylus as close to perpendicular as possible, but the height of the cartridge along with the angle of the cantilever makes it nearly impossible to achieve this. I have increased the tracking force to the high end of the recommended range to help with this also, but still can't get there. I lowered the tail end of the tonearm as low as it can go; there reaches a point where the tail end is so low, that the lever used to raise the tonearm can not raise the stylus off of the record. I am considering creating a piece to extend the height of the platform that raises the tonearm so that I can lower the VTA more.
Audiofeil yes they are very different but they are both adjusted by the same means. change the VTA and you also change the SRA.
Try a thicker mat,or a few records stacked carefully,to raise the cartridge to see if that is the problem.I don't know if that will change it(SRA)enough,but it's a quick easy experimental trial.
>>12-04-10: Wilson667
Audiofeil yes they are very different but they are both adjusted by the same means<<

I did not say they were adjusted differently.

What's your point?
Make some (1mm thick cork) 12" round pads under your mat.
You can also put a spacer under the rear of the cartridge to change the rake. This will change the angle without moving the tonearm.
I think the spacer would be the most logical choice. Any ideas on what would make a good spacer? I'm thinking maybe take some sheet metal, measure, and cut. Could insert more than one piece to get to the desired angle.
Jwglista,I use Scotch electrical tape.I start with pulling from the roll,then fold it at 1/4" lengths,or longer if desired.Keep folding until desired thickness is reached.I use that for spacing.Sometimes when things don't sound right,I put a couple of layers on the arm before mounting cartridge. If both aren't completely flat,it acts like a gasket filler material,and keeps vibration(rattle) down between arm,and cartridge body.Its cheap,you could keep changing thickness,and it works for me.Use extra care in tightening the screws.I don't think you need it very tight.I never had one break,but heard others have.
Just to get an idea of how much of a rake you need just fold a piece of cardboard under the headshell. Then you can use something permanent like the sheet metal you have in mind.
A metal shim might rattle.I've been using the tape for decades,and dealers like the idea too.It stops rattles.Some were using Blu-Tack,but switched to the tape method.
Once again, I apreciate the responses. I actually found an old expired credit card and cut a small slab to use as a spacer. This helped to modify the raking angle. So far, it seems to have improved the sound. I was able insert the spacer without affecting the alignment.
My local hardware store and hobby stores carry plastic as well as brass strips and rods in the tiniest of diameters. Like piano wire. I'd think that little pieces slipped under the rear of the cart would work and be repeatable. Check this link: http://www.hobbylinc.com/Plastruct_Building_Supplies