Raise your acoustic panels or die

Hi everyone,
I just had an interesting result while waiting on new panels from GIK. I've been pretty lazy in setting them up, nothing is hanging.  Everything is just placed on the floor around the speakers.  On the wall behind the speakers I have 2 Soffit Traps and 2 standalone panels inside them. Kind of like this:
(ST) (P) --------- (P) (ST)
With the traps standing up vertically. Last night I decided to put the panels directly on top of the soffit traps, giving me near floor to ceiling coverage in that corner. Lo and behold it raised the stereo image by a good 15-20 degrees or so. Orchestral instruments now appear above my tweets. 

So, if you have been leaving all your panels on the floor for convenience sake I strongly encourage you to raise them so they are more centered around the speaker, instead of at and below it.
since Erik is so full of knowledge and is always suggesting members do this or that, surprised he didn’t do this sooner

Experience comes from making mistakes and experimentation. I’ve often said that if your imagine is lacking, improve your room acoustics in the dimension of the issue. Image too narrow? Go wide with treatment. Lack depth? consder the wall behind and in front of you. More technically knowledgeable acousticians than I have said similar things.

What I did not expect however was that vertically adjusting panels by a few feet would be so noticeable, or affect imaging this much. I expected my changes to improve the bass, not the image.
i totally get that one has to experiment with equipment, cables, speaker and acoustical panels as it’s just part of the hobby.......

just don’t see why everything has to be a new thread ?

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You're missing the entertainment value:  

Raise your acoustic panels, OR DIE!!!!!  

Come on. Don't take him seriously. No one else does.
Hyperbole is a time-honored tradition here.  I hate using it but it's what the natives do.

just saw the picture of your current setup.           not what I expected to see  at all..       
I'm having a good time with a pair of book cases on a rooms back wall.
Same room has a ceiling fan too.. I'm not sure on that? Right over my head too.. Dead center of the room..

I pulled and mismatched book depths with both cases.. It helped quit a bit with a couple issues I had. Not pretty but worked VERY well.

The right diffusers have to look like a diffuser, BUMMER, I might as well go with a stalactite, stalagmite decor'. Look like Superman's digs. :-)

Good deal Erik, gettin' there.. Nice and clean..

WE (the Wife and I) actually called flooring guys and PRO painters for the front/music room.. Nice when a plan comes together. I've never used anyone.. I always did the work..

I like the idea of someone else doing the work though. :-)

Oh, please oh please oh please do tell me what you expected because thew world has stopped at your attempts to throw shade.

Come on man, be an adult. Say what you have to say and move on. Don’t sit here s***t posting like a delicate teen trying to be a Heather.

for someone that is always suggesting members to try things and recommending GIK panels, i just thought your room would be a little more organized than what it is. that is all i am saying.

who are you to tell me to say what i have to say and move on ?    last time i checked you don’t own the site

no need to get your panties all bunched up.

i find it interesting that other members give sarcastic comments and you don’t make comments to them ? why is that?

Hilarious. One of the more entertaining of the many nuisance threads in a while. I would stay away from the panties in a bunch comments though. Things are bad enough these days, would rather not even know what preferred pronouns that might get us into.
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Placement of acoustic panels is very important. I wanted to say, just as important as speaker placement but decided not. Hopefully you get my drift.

I've done my room by listening and trying different items out through listening. No replacement for this way of doing things.
Shocker! Panels meant to be mounted on wall sound better on the wall than on the floor?
groundbreaking thread.Not going to investigate but is there a quota of mentions that need to be made to keep that discount?
sorry couldn’t resist, sticking with the spirit of this place ....,
although, it is good to experiment with locations of panel placement looking for pressure zones.
VPR’s can be a surgical tool in the correct location, and this can be at floor/wall junctions.

I have no issues at all with the last 3 comments  that were made to your thread here, as they seem to be along the same lines as to what I said....but yet you responded to me and not them ?

Buy some more pillows or thicker curtains and save your money and marriage 😁

Buy some more pillows

I forgot about all the pillow suggestions.   

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All my 8 Stillpoint Aperture are way off the floor.However the 2 at the first reflexion point are lower.
The two primary dueling members currently ( there have been many similar to them in the past) here share two things, terminal narcissism and low IQ.
Thanks for the suggestion, Erik. I have been moving a lot of things around and mostly attending to frequency response. To place traps, I listened and measured around the room, and located traps where the peaks are highest. In some places, however, the peaks are *not* at the floor, and your suggestion helps remind me to consider that raising panels might help imaging even if frequency does not. Unlike some other posters here, this is my room to do as I wish with, and so anything which can be tried is fine with wife, family. 

Are the (P) panels bass traps or diffusor/absorbers, by the way?

Congrats on your panels!

Looks like another episode of Jerry Springer has broken out!

I don't think those Gobo free-standing panels are really designed for that, at least not their primary purpose.  By all means stack corner traps to the ceiling.  But you might try the Gobo's positioned at 45 degrees, half way between the side edges of the TV and the inside rear corners of the speakers.  Those stacked silver boxes will be in the way on one side.
I see 9 windows a 4 ft opening into another room a stairwell that is probably 3ft wide a 24×30 return duct and a ceiling fan which can be a benefit. The return duct can be fronted out and I think it is as a table..but trim out with louvered doors. All the windows should have partial sun bloc pull down cloth shades.

2 main area of concern is to be able to balance the left and right sides of the room..1 side has a much large opening than the other.
There will a noticeable difference in pressure L to R not just freq.response so you may have more image wander than you may care to see. Good luck wherever you are. Tom

I think you are one of the few who got the message I was trying to send really, to think vertically as well as horizontally when placing acoustical treatments.

Centering is better than not, but floor to ceiling is even better.

@erik_squires I agree that all dimensions really must be tried. I’m curious if you’ve investigated different stands for your panels. I have found that some panels need to be raised off the floor and kept away from the walls a bit. Have you purchase stands for panels, ever? Or made some? Here’s the kind of stand I mean (obviously without the white board): https://tinyurl.com/4cwben3r

Here's a neat DYI solution that looks much better: https://www.gearslutz.com/board/showpost.php?p=8774501&postcount=19
Some panels benefit from the air gap improving the bass efficiency.

Actually, the panels I just lifted off the ground came with feet.  As shipments from GIK start to arrive I'll be relying on wall and ceiling mounting where applicable.
"Cry bullies".

LOL! I am stealing that one, uncledemp!

My panels have been sitting on the floor for a while now, raising them being one of the dozens of "important" things to do around the house.

Thanks for the reminder, will raise them soon (I hope).

I think we covered this but I wanted to clear up my point, yes it's good to center your panels, but panels on the floor and ceiling and floor to ceiling can be very useful. If you have only a handful of panels though, I do suggest you raise them up.

The consultant at GIK in fact recommended several floor mounted panels for my own listening room, so having panels there is not, by itself, wrong.
I just lost a loved one from lazy and low acoustic panel placement. Don't let this be you. 
I just lost a loved one from lazy and low acoustic panel placement. Don't let this be you.

The frustration of knowing they could have been saved will never leave you.

For most of us, devastating anguish, despair, endless self-recriminations.
For Erik, frustrating. 

GIK placement on the other hand, now that's a big deal.