Rainmaker, owner please tell me how good they are

I am looking for a small monitor in the same class with B&W to mate with my Krell 400Xi. Please tell me at 4 ohms 87 db and 5" mid-bass woofer, how good or bad are your Rainmaker speakers' performance with the high and low frequency? Thanks in advance.
the totem to go for in a mini monitor is the model one.....much more inclined to reproduce the weight and tone of a larger speaker........throws a huge soundstage but is tonally accurate. a top shelf small speaker. the rainmaker is good, but not quite as 'spot on' as the 'one'.
The Rainmaker is a good speaker. However, if you can swing for the model 1 do it. It is actually smaller in stature but of a much higher build and is a world class monitor.