Raidho X-1

I'm looking for a pair of highly resolving and dynamic bookshelf speakers and have found very positive ink spilled regarding the Raidho X-1. My room is largish, around 3,600 cu ft, though they will be augmented with subwoofers. If you own them, or have heard a pair, I'd love to hear your impressions.

What do they do well?
Where do they fall short (lowest octaves are not an issue for me)?
How much power do they require to sound their best?
What size room do you have them in?
What other options should be considered (Wilson Duette, etc)?

All inputs are appreciated.
thanks for the insightful responses - i appreciate the commentary.

@ audiooracle - yes, i agree that full range, floorstanding speakers would be preferred, however, my domestic situation is such that i need to get the speakers off the floor entirely - no floorstanding speakers, no standmounts. the speakers will be placed atop a long console table. given those restraints, i am looking for a great sounding speaker that can, with some bass augmentation, play well in my room. we don't listen terribly loud very often - low to moderate most of the time - no paint peeling, ear bleeding SPLs is not necessary.

any suggestions for a monitor that is fast, dynamic, and very detailed would be appreciated. the raidho and wilson duette have been mentioned, as well as a few from KEF.
the speakers will be placed atop a long console table
Bad for Raidho. They need to be de-coupled to sound the best. There are 4 ball bearings on the top plate of the stand along with 4 more bearings in the feet for my D1's. Plus the stands themselves wobble (gasp) by design. If your serious about the X1's you really need to hear them first especially since they would be on top of a table.
Actually wrong concerning the REL there is no crossover, you run the speakers used with the REls as full range speakers, and the Rel derives its in comming singnal via the speaker level inputs, a proper Rel setup use only the crossover in the woofer to match the starting point of the woofer with the acoustical roll off of the main speakers happening as a natural part of their in room response and natural roll off.

concerning volume pressurization a speaker sees the entire volume of air, a mini monitor is designed for near field listening.