Raidho X-1

I'm looking for a pair of highly resolving and dynamic bookshelf speakers and have found very positive ink spilled regarding the Raidho X-1. My room is largish, around 3,600 cu ft, though they will be augmented with subwoofers. If you own them, or have heard a pair, I'd love to hear your impressions.

What do they do well?
Where do they fall short (lowest octaves are not an issue for me)?
How much power do they require to sound their best?
What size room do you have them in?
What other options should be considered (Wilson Duette, etc)?

All inputs are appreciated.
I may be of little help but I own the D1's. The D1's drop off the lows right at 50hz. I have a Rel B3 which adds a lot but also slows the overall sound. The D1's are very laid back and highly detailed without ever being bright boomy or in your face. The Rel B3 integrated fantastically with my Dynaudio C1 Signatures. Raidho's are a lot like electrostatic speakers without the size (very fast and detailed). The X1 is rated to down to 80hz.

My room is 26.5ft X 12ft with the speakers on the long wall.

I have a 110W Octave tube integrated driving them. No power problem for me.

I would consider a Dynaudio C1 as an option. They will go to about 36hz even though they are rated to 45hz. You'll get higher SPL's. You just won't get the clarity/imaging from the blacker background that the D1's have.

That said I have not heard the X1's (too new) but giving you what I can say about my D1's. You should hear a demo of either speaker before making a decision.

Great small speaker which sounds like a great small speaker, total mistake, given your room size, You need a much larger full range speaker with bass augmentation.

It is a mistake to think that just because you have subwoofers you can achieve a seem less blend, this is the reason why most of the worlds best speakers are full range.

The very fact that a designer knows how and why to crossover a specific driver is why a full range speaker tends to sound like an integrated sound source.

If you like a transparent and fast loudspeaker there are many good choices with those speakers being full range loudspeakers.

It is also way easier to integrate a full ranges speakers bass roll off with a subwoofer then a mini monitor.
Great small speakers for great small speakers. Personally I would not recommend using such a setup for such a large room, you have three big problems:

1: Small Raidho speakers can not play loud enough for such a large room.

2: If you use a crossover you will most likely kill the sound of the speakers

3: It is very hard to get a seem less match with a mini monitor and subwoofer, made even harder by the speed and articulation of the Raidhos.

Best advice get a great small floor stander which will go low enough for an easy hand over to a subwoofer with an acoustic crossover.