Raidho TD1.2 opinions?

Hello all: I know they’re new and probably not in many folks rooms, but had anyone heard enough of the 1.2’s to form an opinion on them? Looking for a high performance smallish speak, and the initial reviews sound good. Thank in advance! 
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The TD looks like the same model that I listened to last fall.
Still being run in at the time.
Filled the space with authority.
Check out the associated gear in a noteworthy mention.
Thanks! The overall sound seems to fit my preferences, I’ve always liked small-speaker sound.I can easily live with a little dryness. The peripherals there are a step or two above mine tho....
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The Radihos are very good but tend to be super dependent on matching gear. 

You may want to check out a few of their competitors which have similar levels of clarity, cost less and are also extremely good.

Check out the TAD Me1
                       Focal Utopia Monitors
                       Paradigm Persona 3F
                       Vimberg new line of speakers 

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