Raidho speaker owners which amplier have you tried?

Hi all,
The consensus seems to be Raidhos like fast solid state or digital amps, namely Soluution, Avik, Naim, and Constellation.  Wondering if anyone tried the new .8 series Pass amps (class A or AB), Gryphon,  T+A etc.
I've heard Raidhos with Jeff Rowland,  Macintosh,  Bricasti,  and Absolare.  The Absolare was the most pleasing to my ears, followed by the Rowland. 
Ricred1, I did hear the Raidhos with Rowland.  Smooth but not that exciting.  MacIntosh would be  not be a good match imo because they tend to sound slow and too warm.  Most people don't use tube amps with Raidhos.  So could you go into detail why you like the Absolare?
I have not heard this combo ie the T+A with the Radiho, I will say that the T+A gear is so far the best sounding solid state we have come across.

It is warm yet with incredible detail and presence, and very fast with a huge sound stage and a warm punchy bass. 

We compared the Devialet,  Thrax, Conrad Johnson, and a few others, the T+A was in a class by itself. 

The Raidhos I'm referring to are the C3.1. At moderate levels the Absolare has this incredible ability to sound live...air, space, extension of notes. To my ears, more than anything I've ever heard, the Absolare, if you close your eyes, the Absolare/Raidho combination gave me the sense of a live performance. 
Hi ricred1, 
Which model of the Absolare amplifier are you referring to? I've heard their hybrid integrated,  push pull 845 and PSET 845 tube amplifiers 
ricred1, I'm sure the Absolare sounds fantastic.  Haven't heard a negative comment about the sound of the Absolare components.

I believe it was the Absolare 845 Push-Pull Amplifier with the Absolare preamp. 
IMO tubes will sound good with Raidhos unless you push them. I had an Octave V110 when I had the D1's and later the D2's. The biggest drawback was when you pushed them the lows just fell apart.

That said I found the Ei KT90's for output tubes were great with Raidho's where as original TS 6550 solid black or grey plates sounded mushy. So depending which tubes you run will make a big difference.

Since then I have upgraded to the Aavik U300 and couldn't be happier.