Raidho D1.1 is now a Legacy speaker

Seems Raidho has dropped the smallest sota standmount speaker from their line. What does this mean? The main market, US, does not buy bookshelf speakers?
Got that right. I am 
 continually shocked by the prices of some of todays speakers.
Considering there have been tons of dealers selling brand new in box raidho speakers at 40-50% of msrp, Raidho seems to be generally priced much higher than what the market can really support. If I’m gonna drop that much cash I’ll want a full range standmount with no compromises like a TAD CR1 or the like. Raidho is trying to straddle the line between trendy/lifestyle and performance.
I agree $25K USD for a rather smallish book shelf speaker is ridiculous don't care how much "engineering" they claim to put in no speaker that small is worth that much. Well I suppose there is a "Ferrari" for everything made these days. 
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