Raidho D1.1 is now a Legacy speaker

Seems Raidho has dropped the smallest sota standmount speaker from their line. What does this mean? The main market, US, does not buy bookshelf speakers?
Got that right. I am 
 continually shocked by the prices of some of todays speakers.
Considering there have been tons of dealers selling brand new in box raidho speakers at 40-50% of msrp, Raidho seems to be generally priced much higher than what the market can really support. If I’m gonna drop that much cash I’ll want a full range standmount with no compromises like a TAD CR1 or the like. Raidho is trying to straddle the line between trendy/lifestyle and performance.
I agree $25K USD for a rather smallish book shelf speaker is ridiculous don't care how much "engineering" they claim to put in no speaker that small is worth that much. Well I suppose there is a "Ferrari" for everything made these days. 
raidho state of the art? good joke... whats state of the art about using several 4 and 5 inch drivers in a tiny sized vertical cabinet with current hungry crossover? its less state of the art and more for glitzy marketing. i've always known raidho speakers for what they are: oversized pencil dick speakers for men with equally endowed pencil dicks. give me big fat transducers with vanishingly low distortion or give me death :)
In Denmark you would never get 40-50% discount of a Raidho speaker. It seems you have to ship them across the pond for that.
I am surprised, but not totally.  Raidho does have the TD 1.2, which is the "upgrade" from the D 1.1.  I am surprised that my speaker, the XT-2 is not even on their website anymore, yet the X-speakers are considered current products.  Honestly I think that Raidho really blew it.  They had a great team in Borresen and Kristensen, and they left.  The new revisions to the Raidho product line, in my view, is a step down from the original.
@d2girls +1.  A quote from Honky Tonk Sue "If he has to brag he's going to sag".  Circa 1978-9 a Phoenix AZ free press publication.  And that is what on board memory is about.