Raidho C1.1

Anyone get a chance to hear these speakers?
Sadly, no - but perhaps this recent review of the C1.1's, if you haven't read it already, could illuminate a bit on the specific nature of the sonic changes/improvements:

Almost two years ago I bought the "regular" C1's(though I've since replaced them with a pair of Polish Auto-tech MUMMY II speakers), and in april of '10 a bunch of people and I(mostly Raidho owners) were fortunate to visit the Raidho factory in Denmark -- indeed an enlightening and fascinating "tour" led by the carismatic Lars Kristensen -- and two of us(me included) brought our C1's along to have them slightly modified, on the spot while we were there. The modification may have seemed more or less insignificant to begin with, in that it "only" entailed replacement of the binding posts into new ones manufactured by Raidho themselves; that is, we went from rather chunky and expensive-looking WBT terminals to a pair of good-quality plastic-covered terminals with much less metal in them. However, once home again and reinstalled my C.1's revealed a sonic improvement I had a hard time believing - and I was initially quite sceptical on the effect of the modification. Nevertheless, everything now suddenly seemed clearer, with sharper and more realistic edges. The sound became more agile, light-on-foot, and more crisp and clean - over the entire bandwidth. In contrast the sound prior to the modification seemed dull and sluggish, and not insignificantly veiled. During our visit Lars Kristensen from Raidho told us -- in an calmly understated yet self confident fashion -- that the replacement of the terminals would bring along something that would surprise us, and indeed it did.

Just to let you know that the C1.1's feature the new Raidho terminals mentioned above, among other changes. Hope it helps a bit..

Oh, and not least: the new "fishbone" pattern ribbon in the tweeter of the C1.1 was (and of course remains) installed in their flagship, the C4's, which we heard during our visit as well, and even though the C4's at the time were not developed into full maturity, everything indicated to me that the new ribbon -- judged by the totality of the sound from a much bigger speaker -- had less imprinting on the sound. If anything it seemed even more responsive and dynamic in the top octaves, and just appeared to vanish in the contribution to the whole of the sound; I'd say more sonic substance and yet invisibility - if it makes any sense.
Phusis thank you for responding. Your comments are enlightening. I've found that big chunky connectors don't sound as good as those with less metal (eg Eichman). I'm trying to get an audition but not manydealers in USA.
I was surprised to read in Hi-Fi Plus (they are fans of both the C1 and C1.1) that the stand feet aren't adjustable. On top of that, the stand is not rigid by design. I can't imagine what happens when your floor isn't level, or on carpet. This is absurd, imho.
Yes, I read about the stand which is a concern because of the uneven carpeted floor in my audio room.
The lack of level adjustment of the stands is indeed a pain if you are using the speakers on solid uneven flooring because the ball isolated floor coupling is capable of audible rattle with loud dynamic music. I needed to move the C-1's to carpet to solve that problem.

The stand is non-rigid by design and when you own these things you will quickly grasp that the low mass really aids dynamics.

Changes between the C-1.0 and the C-1.1 are comprehensive. New driver, new tweeter, new terminals and the inclusion of Nordost Odin internal cabling.

All I can say right now is Magico have a serious competitor...
I never liked any of the Magico speakers, granted I have not heard the new Q series. But if the C1.1s sound like the older Magicos, then they're not my cup of tea.
Looks like my journey into finding what this speaker sound like has come to an end. The dealer near me seems to have absolutely no interest in letting me audition them despite my calls and even email by the head of Raidho to the dealer. What's the use of having a dealer like that? Might as well sell factory direct.
Dracule, you should speak with Ryan at Vapor Audio.
The Cirrus may give the Raidho a serious run for the money or be better.
Oh, and you might save 12 grand in the process.
I have a pair of Breeze on the way.
Todd, thanks for the suggestion. I have the Ridge Street Audio Street Sasons with the best cross-over parts I know of, Dueland CAST caps and resistors and custom inductors using 8 guauge wires built into the stands, like the Vapors. Cabinets are combination of granite, composite, and birch plywood. Crossover wiring is ribbon silver that makes direct contact with speaker cable without binding post between them. I do not think the Vapors are better than the Sasons. However, the Raidho C1.1s are built from scratch from ground up using proprietary drivers (not from cookie cutter manufacturers), stands, and cabinets. Neither Vapor or the RSAD (both essentially one man company) has the facility or research know how to make such a speaker. Price is high but always can be negotiated through the dealer.
Don't get me wrong. By cookie cutter, I don't mean the drivers used in Vapors are average...they're some of the best out there. But these drivers were not specifically designed for a specific enclosure, baffle, stands, etc, like those in the Raidho.
Hi Todd, I have not. I live in Texas, and as far as I know there is no way I can audition them. And there is the matter of cosmetics...the Cirrus' look is not my cup of tea (although if a speaker has incredible sonics I can look the other way). Even with a home trial (if offered), there is the cost of shipping and possibility of damage, and the guilt of turning down the speakers if I don't like them, etc... I have set up an audition of the C1.1 with a Raidho dealer in Texas though. If you know of anyone in Texas who is willing to let me hear them, let me know.
Dracule, Ryan does not offer in home trials as far as I know.
I think the Cirrus is stunning looking! Good luck with you audition. Is this in home or at the dealers?
The best place to hear Vapors is at the audio shows.
I think the Sasons are at least as good as the other two speakers. I would keep them and upgrade the rest of the system.
Vladimir, I think you are probably right. But it's always fun to audition components that you have an affinity for. In my case, 2-way monitors. I love speakers that just disappear and leaves you suspended in disbelief. The Sasons can do that if set up properly.
Yes, but I will be going up to Dallas around the 23rd of March. Will you have the Cirrus by then?
Please send me an email so we can keep in touch. Perhaps you may want to come audition the C1.1 with me when I'm up there. Thanks.
I think I found your email...I'll send you one and if it's yours, just respond...

Take a look at the Intutive Designs Gammas. Solid granite
box and speaker stand. In the same league as your current speakers. I own them and love them. Look in the review section of Audiogon.
Since the Intuitive Designs website is useless and 5 years out of date, would you tell us a bit about these Gammas? The Summit speaker was highly regarded in those few reviews.
It is my understanding that Raidho Acoustics previously had two high end product lines which were labeled Eben and Ayra, with the latter (Ayra) aimed at ultimate performance. Not sure if Eben was trickle down performance from Ayra or Ayra was a hot rodded Eben approach. It appears as if Raidho has now elected to concentrate on ultimate performance and as such dropped the Eben line in which case the Ayra label was no longer required.
>>much better than the Magico Q1, don't you agree?

Of course, what isn't?? And yet, all is constantly compared to them... How odd, after all they are god-awful (:
I would certainly try to compare them directly to the Q1. The are less expensive, may have different power requirements and they have a different aesthetic. I'm sure they sound quite different. If I were in the market, I would also compare them to a used pair of Mini 2s for even less money.
We all know that the reason Magico gets so much hype is because they have a certain reviewer in their corner (more likely their pocket). Get real and go listen to both of them yourself to make a judgement. Assuming everything is hooked up and grounded properly, you're not going to do better for the price range or sound quality than a C1.1.
Magico must have deep pockets. Keeping lots of reviewers on the payroll. Even JA was finally recruited.
Another one on the payroll
We all know that the reason Magico gets so much hype is because they have a certain reviewer in their corner (more likely their pocket).

I dont but it!As a current owner of Raiho IMO, why Magico gets so much press is because they make great speakers,period.Yes, it does help to have money to advertise but...."we all know" if you make junk you go away rather quickly.I think why people on this site bash Magico is simply because they cant afford them.
I tend to agree with Missioncoonery. That same TAS reveiwer, JV, just gave a rave review to a non-Magico speaker, namely the Raidho C1.1. Based on his accurate assessment of the Mini II, IMO, I'd now like to hear the C1.1.
Reviews are little more than subjective paid hype. How many neugative reviews do you ever see posted? Anyone who pays these so called pro rebiews any attention needs some brain cells. Of course thryll hype a $15 k speaker and say its better than a $5 k one. But can ey actually tell the difference in a blind test. Hahahahahaha
Does the Raidho C1.1 still have non-adjustable feet? I can't imagine anybody paying that kind of money and then having to shim the shaky thing with little pieces of wood.
These days with the X Monitor LE, guys these speakers sound amazing. Open mids and highs, neutral balance and great scale. Bad things are they need big SS amps to get the best sound and a big room because of their really inusual punch at their size.

i enjoy them a lot!!!!!!

You can check to get some conclusions from my experience (spanish, sorry guys)