Rai anyone

Just wondering if anyone out there is familiar with Rai music. Rai is to Algeria as Reggae is to Jamaica. It's the rebel pop music of the country.

A few months ago I bought a CD by an Italian singer named Zucherro. On it he collaborates with many and varied artists. One such artist is Cheb Mami, a famous Rai singer. When I first heard his voice, I experienced a spine tingling and preverbial WOW. This man's voice is sweet (not Sacchrine) complex and involving. Never mind that I didn't understand a word. The language is sensual. BTW the CD is quite good.

After hearing this one song, I did a little research and bought 3 Rai CD's.

Anyone other Rai fans out there?
Not me, but I'm going to have to look into this?
A good introduction is "Rough Guide To Rai". Great upbeat, energenic melodies. Both men and women are featured.
There are 2 volumes of "Rai Rebels" that's also very good, a mix of different artists.