Radiotehnika S90 A, and now what?

Hi there guys,
I continue helping a friend to built his setup, as some of you know I visited with him Audio Salon in Miami, he was exposed first time to a high end store, It was an NAD setup driving PSB towers, he liked it but!

He realized that the Russian speakers he owned in Cuba Radiotehnika S90 A, were better designed and more appealing to the sound he likes.
Well I though it was some kind of nostalgia for his experience in homeland but the guy impressed me with his knowledge cause he is a military electronic engenieer.

He sold the speakers to a friend in Cuba before he emigrated to the US a year ago, he is trying to purchase them back but the guy refused to sell them even at higher offer.

I advice him to buy as first amp this amp.

At least he has 30 days if he doesn't like the sound, amp is shipped to his place but doesn't have any speakers yet, I spent hours trying to look on the used market or new, he told me today he can push it to $1700 but I don't wan to advice him anything before getting advice from this community.

He wants a floor standing speakers 3 ways or similar, he listen mostly 70s bands, FM golden era, when the radio was the king.

I will Really appreciate your support in this project.

Link to the Russian speakers, S90 A were the model.


Kind regards, and thank you always,

Buon weekend.
The only way to get them to look here radiotechnika .But I very doubt that sellers will speak in english
or you have to look any other selling site from Lettland ,because they were manufactured in this country
They still make other type of speakers
or look at or or
here the electronic devices shop ,as far as I know they even sell replacements parts for radiotechnika prices are quite cheap compared to ebay
S90 are rubbish speakers believe me since I'm from russia too. Sadly but your friend have nothing to do with high-end, so please stop trying.
Hi there guys thank you so much for the information you provided me with,
I found the importer in Italy and he carries the whole line and can ship to the USA, wow this is a big finding for us, once more audiogone impresses me with hi end humans as well.
Great weekend.