RadioShack outlets VS. Panamax.

I've recently realized that Panamax1500 filter that I currently have in my system nearly does nothing in terms of neither protection of the components nor noise isolation.
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Get rid of the panamax asap...
Panamax is ok for video applications and computers...not for your gear! For your system.. go for the ps audio ultimate outlets or just the replacement grade outlets. Actually, I have had decent results with a monster hts 3500 for noise reduction...although my amps are plugged directly into the wall on a dedicated circuit. Replace the wall outlets with something decent... and try a ps audio juice bar for the rest of the stuff...Good Luck!
FWIW, you can get a decent price for your Panamax on Ebay. Around here, not sure what the demand is.
I kind-of did not complete my question since I was in the middle of doing something else but I admit Audioman's answer is pretty obvious and correct.
For now I can't stretch the budget for PS300 or PS600 units and realy need something more affordable. I'm in the process of re-arranging my amps for dedicated 220V line that will be used with locking receptacles. In fact ALL my power cords should have a locking receptackles since I have an issue that my little boy likes to unplug them.
What about hospital grade filters or simply surge protectors? What about RadioShack ones?
Forget the PS Audio stuff. You see tons of them on the used market for a reason. Get an Audio Magic Stealth Purifier. I own one, and love it. Better than the Shunyata, the PS Audio 300 and 600, and.the Panamax, Infact, it's better than anything out there. And it's affordable. I did my homework on this baby. You can get(the small) one for just your digital stuff, or the big one for everything. Just plug it into the wall. Put a hospital grade outlet there, and you're done. Home depot: $15.
Marakanetz: I tried a couple of RS power strip/surge protectors and they sounded really bad (I now use them on the TV's).

For $100-$130 you can buy a Monster HTS-2000 conditioner (used or new/discounted) for the source gear and you might like the sound enough to keep it for the long haul.

Some complain that the HTS-2000 reduces the dynamic impact of power amps, but I do not find this to be the case with any of my gear (now that I use a separate HTS-2000 for power amps only - see my listed system). When you plug everything (including amps) into a single unit (they have 12 outlets) then it will soften the sound of transients a bit, this I have noticed.

Each unit has two special outlets/plugs for amps, that according to Monster do not limit current flow. There are also "medium" filtered outlets for preamps, and such, and additional "heavily" filtered outlets for source gear. I now use the outlets as recommended after experimenting with various mix/matches.

I have read that the less expensive HTS-1000 is the same design as the HTS-2000, but have never felt like popping the $80, or so (discounted) to find out if it "sounds" the same. I think that Garfish has both models (was that you Garfish?), but he had not done an A/B comparison the last time I asked (maybe a year ago). The HTS-2000, specifically, was designed by an EE who no longer works for Monster (read that he went to MIT afterwards) which could partly explain why this particular model may be sonically different from others in the line.

A friend recently borrowed one of my HTS-2000's and discovered that it sounded much better/clearer than his HTS/2500 in their two channel system (the HTS-2500 is now doing HT duty and I let him keep the HTS-2000 - found another one @ a local thrift shop for $5 during the interum:-).

The only thing odd that I have noticed is that the two that I use sound better when they are run from the same dual wall outlet. I have another outlet on the same line with the same upgraded P&S plug, but it just sounds better/quieter when I use the same outlet for both of the conditioners (either one outlet or the other). This doesn't make any sense to me as either way they should be sharing a common ground, but the added noise of separating them is quite audible when I place the CD player on pause with the volume up, the added noise, though slight, also effects the way the music sounds.

Anyway, this may be a cheap alternative and some feedback on the less expensive HTS-1000 (compared to the 2000) would also be nice.

PS: Though it voids the equipment warranty that Monster offers there is also the option of upgrading the plugs in the Monster units. Blake @ this site (forget his moniker right now) has had good results doing this with his conditioner (not a Monster) and this makes perfect sense. I actually have two new outlets to try out in this application (Blake sent me an Arrow-Hart and Bruce/Brulee sent me a Hubbel - thanks again guys), but I have not gotten around to doing the upgrade yet. Kind of interesting to use different outlets in the same unit as the A-H's are said to be very smooth (perhaps for digital) and the Hubbels are said to be more detailed (might be nice with my SET amps or the TT).
Marakanetz: Another option might be the John Risch designed power filter "kit" offered by Kevin H. @ I have no personal experience regarding this one, though you should be able to gather feedback by doing a search @ AA (my memory is not good/great, but I seem to recall that you have an interest in DIY).

As far as locking/protective AC connections go (in regard to small children), please read my system details @ this site. What I have done for safety reasons (pets, not young children @ this late date:-) is a possibilty for many of us. The added bonus (other than safety, especially with hot tubes, let alone possibly fatal AC connections) is that your system will sound better without air-born vibration entering into the picture for source and/or tube based components. Placing a TT in such an isolated enclosure is a major upgrade, IMO, plus the signal tubes in your gear will not have a mind/sense to "sing along with the music". Footfall problems are also considerably reduced due to the wall/floor joint (even for a closet placed on a non-bearing wall). Sorry if this is too much to ponder, but you did mention safety.