RadioParadise streaming FLAC

Any RadioParadise listeners on here?  RP recently announced lossless FLAC streaming through their  mobile apps and their Apple Desktop application.  There is no Lossless streaming URL at this time.

I normally stream it through the RP 320acc URL to a Wyred4Sound 96K moded SONOS Connect then coax to an external DAC.    I just connected up an old AppleTV and redirected the desktop RP application to the AppleTV for some A/B testing, also set the app to lossless.  But the desktop app is not the same track as the URL and I have been sick the last few days and my head feels like a balloon so A/B testing is suboptimal to say the least. 

Anyone else messing around with this?


Are you using the new radioparadise site or the legacy?  If on the new one do you have it set to FLAC? 
@jbuhl,  I also am enjoying listening to Radio Paradise on my Aurender N10 Music Server.  The sound quality is very good since it streams at 320k.   Unfortunately, my Aurender N10 does not support RP FLAC Streaming yet.  I have requested Aurender support RP FLAC and have no information of their status.
Does Radio Paradise have a FLAC URL so I can stream RP FLAC on my Aurender N10 Music Server?  

If not, I assume I can going to need RP to make available an API that Aurender can use to stream RP FLAC.  
No support thru ROON
and so far... to best of my knowledge, NAIM and RP somehow think 320 KB is special for NAIM owner.....