Radiohead, Night 2 Toronto

Finally got to see my fav group Radiohead last night in TO. Amazing concert in a relatively small venue ... good acoustics. Never expected they would sing Fake Plastic Trees.

I don't think I can ever listen to them again on disc on my system.

You should check daily to get the lowdown on various tours, new CDs etc. The Radiohead concerts in Toronto, Montreal, with 2 nights in each city were announced just a little over a month ago. The tickets sold out instantly on fan site and then again on Tickets went on sale first week of May. Remarkably, they ended up on ebay instantly.

The news is that Radiohead will not be releasing any album this year. That is despite the fact that they have been recording the last year and have a lot of new unreleased songs. Their concert is featuring a lot of this new music. They are currently without a record contract, which is great as I am glad they are leaving EMI. Probably EMI would have copy controlled their new CD. Thom Yorke will be releasing his solo CD in July.
radiohead 6-8-06 toronto can be downloaded[legal..they are ok with audience taping and selling of their shows.] at
instructions are located at site
Thanks for the headsup. Unfortunately, dimeadozen is over subscribed and I can't join up now. I did get a few torrents at another site for the June 8 show.
Big Radiohead fan but never seen them in concert. Being a 40 years young BM I probably would'nt fit into the crowd (like I would care :-), plus no one like that comes this far south .