Radiohead - Live in Praha video: Free Download

If you are a fan (or just interested),

from the website:

On 23rd August 2009 a group of Radiohead fans descended on
the Výstavištĕ Holešovice Exhibition Hall in Prague on a mission –
to capture the band playing using as many different angles as possible.
Bringing together the exceptional talents of many contributors,
here is the result.

Audio masters kindly provided by the band.

You can download various formats here.

I'm still downloading the DVD so I cannot comment on this, yet!

I'm doing the DVD as well.
Thanks! I'm downloading this for tonight!
Cool, if it's free it's for me
Any others in your pocket ???
Yeah, I'm downloading the DVD as well tonight.

I check each day, as I've gotten some fantastic free music from it. ACL, Lillith Fair, Lolapaloza, label samplers, NIN, Radiohead, etc. Good stuff.

Need some assistance please.

I downloaded all 4 segments of the video; they are in .rar format which I'm unable to open on a Windows 7 computer.

What program is needed to view and/or convert these files for compatibility with iTunes or Windows Media Center?

Thanks in advance.
Hi Bill,

A .rar file is something like a .zip file. It "contains" one or more files that are in other formats (in this case presumably a video format), in compressed form. What you need is a program that will extract those files from the .rar "container."

7-zip is a widely used free program which will do that. Winzip and Winrar will also do that, but after a trial period are not free.

Best regards,
-- Al
Thanks Al.