Radio stations for Jazz....

I've just found KNTU for Jazz. I like it.
WVAS 90.7 Montgomery, Alabama

dbtom2-  are you in the Montgomery AL area?
I am about 45 mins north of Montgomery, Jafant.
Kntu might be the best jazz station in the country 

Nice- dbtom2. I am in Prattville.
KUVO- Denver Jazz
My favorite is WDCB (Chicago), which I listen to on my internet radio(s).
I will try both stations fellas.  Kntu is hard to beat. 
KJAZZ   Long Beach, CA 88.3 in Newark NJ 89.9 in NYC Columbia University

WBGO Newark. Best in the country.

WRTI Philadelphia.

WGBH Boston Fr-Sat-Sun nights, hosted by Eric Jackson since ~1978.

All stream online.
Been listening to KJAZZ Long Beach for years, but just switched to KNTU. I'm liking what's here so far. Will try some other suggestions as well. Thanks folks!
WUCF  "Jazz an More",  Orlando  FL - wonderful station.
WICN - Worcester MA 90.5 FM. The last public all Jazz radio station.
WXTS Toledo, run by the high school.  WAER Syracuse, Syracuse University.  KUNV Las Vegas, UNLV.  Jazz 91, 91.5 Toronto; commercial and actually outstanding IMO.  +1 for Orlando and New Orleans - excellent stations. All of them available online, too.  Good jazz stations are there if you take the time to look.

Happy listening!

KCSM 91.1 (San Mateo) is my favorite jazz station. 24 hours, commercial free. The announcers are awesome. Trivia: Clifford Brown Jr. (son of THAT Clifford Brown) is one of the DJs. from right here in Toronto Canada.
KUVO, in Denver is one of the best out there.

They sound excellent over the web.

Google ’jazz radio stations’, you’ll find a killer jazz station in Japan and another fantastic station in France. There are several jazz stations in other foreign countries that are outstanding.

101rujazz in Russia is also an excellent station.

Over 500 jazz stations listed in the link below:

Lots of new possibilities to try. I've always listened to:



I listen to and quite a bit. The Jazz Groove is lighter jazz (not smooth jazz) and is often the way I start my mornings.
You can sign up for a free service on and stream FM stations from all over the U.S., save off your favorites.  Great sound quality and you can't beat the price.