Radio Shack Gold interconnects?

Some people hate these i/c. Some others love them. Where in the Net can I find pictures & prices on these Radio Shack Gold interconnects? Thanks.
Why don't you just stop in to your local Radio Shack? They are dirt cheap. Pick up a pair. Try them out, and discover where you fall on this subject. And, if you hate them, simply return them.
They are about twelve bucks a pair.
Tejo, I would try the Radio Shack website., click on tv/ not wire and cable. Under audio you'll find part no. 42-2602, 3 ft cables. Under antennas & video, then cabling if you search, you'll find some a/v cables that are thicker and have the rcs plugs attached more securely. Better shielding. Part no. 15-1504 is a mono and video that is actually the cable used by some of the early proponents of RS cables. Not available anymore on-line and may be hard to find in a Tandy store, but I think they're fine in comparison to a lot of budget interconnects by big name cable companies.

You should be aware though, the people who recommend Radio Shack cables generally do not believe there any differences between interconnects at all.

Trej, I dont think there are any Radio Shacks in Lisbon. Any Tandy stores?
Considering the speakers that you mention in your other thread (assuming that you have electronics to match) I would save the $12 and put it towards some better cable. I am using a pair of the RS Gold on our mini system, right now, which is being piped through an SET amp and they do not sound very good. They sound best the first 20 or so hours of run in (during this time they are very smooth with very little detail, but they have kind of an ancient tube amp sound to them). After break in they are a bit grainy with recessed mids, somewhat harsh highs and so so bass. If you are on a tight budget you can find excellent IC's in the $50-$75 price range both new and used. Two new IC's that I would recommend are the Mapleshade Clearview Ultrathin IC's ($65 and it is a copper micro wire design) or the Homegrown Audio Super Silver IC's (approx. $70 or much less if you assemble them yourself from kit form and they are made of solid core silver wire, similar to Kimber KCAG). There are many other good IC's (or so I hear) in this price range as well.
I have posted this before, but here it is again. There is an Ebay seller, MATTJK, who sells DIY ICs, digitals, and PC at very reasonable prices as well as different price points. I have his $64 PC and $20 ICs and $10 digital. I also have NBS Mine/Serpent II IC/digital (for sale on AudioGon) and have compared these at length. If you are on a tight budget, I would recommend trying Matt's cables. Here is the URL to his current auction for his $20 cable: