Radio Programs that appeal to Audiophiles?

I was wondering if you could share any information (description, station name + broadcast time) on any radio programs available over internet that appeal to audio buffs as a result of a knowledgeable host and a focus on playing good music with good sound quality?

I remember the program "Audiophile Audition" years ago on public radio for example.

Another program I currently like is G-Strings (features acoustic guitar performances) with Tom Cole on WPFW in Washington, DC SUnday mornings from 9-12, though the sound is better over the air than over internet with WPFW in general.
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BTW, I am specifically looking for educational or informative, hosted radio programs where one can actually learn something about the topic at hand from listening to the host and the music played, not just programs or stations that have a good play list.

Or maybe these programs or stations have websites that one can go to to learn. That would work also.

Maybe some L.A. residents will recall the radio program "In Fidelity" hosted by engineer and audio designer Peter Sutheim.The show lasted some 21 years on KPFK-FM,the L.A. Pacifica station.It got bounced around in various time slots until it was eventually laid to rest by one incredibly incompetent program director.I had the pleasure of knowing Peter and working with him at that station and enjoying his show as well on the other side of the radio.I lasted some 23 years at that station as a music producer and programmer and eventually quit after being driven away by the same creeps who axed Peter and other "specialist" programming that gave the station charm and credibility.
The nature of the show was of immense interest to audiophiles.Discussion and review of new products,interviews with designers and manufacturers and music Peter had recorded with his special microphones and other souped up gear.I am certain that none of these shows were"archived" and little appears online about the show.I am sure there must be some that remember his provocative and informative broadcasts!