Radio personalities

I was thinking of some the radio personalities I remembered:
 (Mostly NYC)
Duncan Pirnie
Robert j. Lurtsema
Steve Post

I think it is a shame that they have all gone and live only in my memory.
Anyone else feel the same?

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Cousin Brucie - NYC
Bruce is still alive and working - he's on Sirius/XM, if you care.

... keeping it in mostly NYC ... Scott Muni, Pete Fornatale, Bob Louis, John Zacherle, Allison Steele, Viv Roundtree ...

Jay Thomas.

WNEW, WMMR, WMMS. Metromedia radio in New York, Philadelphia, and Cleveland.  Great rock radio back in the day.  All the albums and groups I first heard on those stations.... ...what an education.
I listened to Robert J on GBH for many years. Not because I was into classical, just because there was nobody else like him.

And when I lived in NYC, Pete F. of course, who passed just a few years ago. His Sat. PM show still lives on.
Roscoe on the go in stereo with you.
Murray the K your favorite DJ.
Starting your day with Robert J.
Allison Steele the night bird.
Eric in the evening.
Jonathan Schwartz now fired.
Casey Kassem with the countdown.
Dick Clarke and rocking new year's Eve.

Red Beard - Dallas Texas
Dan Ingram 77-AM WABC NYC
Rodney Bingenheimer AKA Rodney on the Rock (KROQ - Los Angeles).

He could rarely remember the titles of the songs just played, but was fun to listen to.

WLS in Chicago:  Larry Lujack & Tommy Edwards.  Never forget their
 “ Animal Stories “

I forgot about Murray the K. Thanks for reminding me.
I can add another, Nimet on WQXR's midnight to 6AM show.
Miles Willis formerly with KPFT (90.1) in Houston.  He produced and hosted a truly outstanding jazz program ("Milestones") from 6 to 9 pm on Saturdays for many years.  Then he left the city and moved on to D.C.

At the time KPFT's analog signal was superb - - never heard better FM. I'm glad I made tapes of many of his programs - which I still play from time to time.
Another one was a station broadcasting from Little Rock, AR in the late 60’s early 70’s, but I don’t recall the late night DJ’s name.

In 1970 or 1971 we picked up the signal just outside of the Minneapolis, MN area while returning to Iowa from a concert in Minneapolis.

That night there were heavy showers/thunderstorms running from MN down to MO/KS and it was the only time I was able to get the station that far North.

Anyway, we listened to the post Midnight show quite often (in Iowa) and the DJ had a very distinctive voice.

I keep thing of DR. John for some reason, but don’t think he was a DJ.

It was a long time ago, anyone remember the details of this late night show/program?


WLS in Chicago:  Larry Lujack & Tommy Edwards.  Never forget their “ Animal Stories “

 Old uncle Lar and snot nose little Tommy, I remember them well. 

Bob Parlocha played straight-ahead jazz and was featured overnite on WDNA (88.9 FM) in Miami.  He had really good taste and predominately stayed with the somewhat mellower side of Miles, Colltrane, Monk, etc.  There was plenty of innovation there, but not a lot of Maynard Ferguson or
brassy loud cuts in keeping with the midnight hours.  Died a couple of years ago, and i miss him a lot. He had a great web site too, with lists of new releases, pictures of musicians, popular lists, and album covers, etc.  The only major disagreement i had with him was that he didn't like the sound of jazz clarinet (??) for some odd reason.  Oh well...!
How can we forget:
The morning DJ on WOLD (DDDddd) from Harry Chapin 🤣
And Venus Flytrap ...

Ghosthouse mentioned Dan Ingram, who was probably my favorite NY DJ.  He also had a jazz show on FM at the time as well.  I recall him playing the entire 6 minute version of Bob Dylan's Like a Rolling Stone, rather than the three minute AM version, on one of his Saturday afternoon WABC AM broadcasts, a first at the time on that station (he even had a commercial free hour at the end of one of those Saturday afternoon broadcasts).  I also remember him stating on air that he didn't like the Rolling Stones, feeling they were inferior to the Beatles, and ultimately (due to the furor it raised) running a contest where he gave $10 (it might have been $20) to the two best letters from listeners as to why he should love or hate the Stones.  The hate letter was classic--he should hate the Rolling Stones because they were costing him $20.

I also remember going to bed listening to Gene Shepard and his stories in NY, I think it was WNEW.

Art Roberts, WLS
Tommy Shannon, Buffalo
Yes, Jean Shepard was also a great host.
Is Phil Schaap still around. I used to listen to WBGO, but FM got so awful...
DeKay, I believe you are referring to KAAY-AM in Little Rock. The show
was Beaker Street with Clyde Clifford. It just didn't get any better than
that. If you care to relive that, has a tribute hour Friday nights.
Starts at 9PM CST with John Hein. I never miss it. Thumbs up to all the
DJ's of WLS in Chicago. Those were some good times. Steve


Yes, Beaker Street.


KILT-AM, Houston:  Russ Knight, The Weird Beard 
Another +vote for Bob Parlocha- Jazz.
Jim Wilke- Jazz After Hours-
+ for Bob Parlocha , best Jazz DJ that ever lived and a decent sax player.
Operated out of Bay Area and was picked up by many PBS stations .
When he passed a few years ago it was like a family member died .May he RIP .

The greatest rock and roll DJ ever had the be the The Grand Poobah himself Mr. Arthur Penhallow. Just you an' me on....The HOME of Rock& Roll,  WRIF Detroit....BABY!

The Poob interviewed and introduced on stage more rock and roll talent then the world has ever seen!