Radio Paradise to Stream MQA to Blue OS

Ain’t ruffling my feathers. I am perfectly satisfied with FLAC format and the resolutions they provide and have no plans to jump on the MQA wagon. although I would like a SACD player :). I am a huge fan of RP as well and will continue supporting them. I asked Bill on RP forum about the future of Non MQA formats and he led me to believe they will someday deliver FLAC 24/96.
Interesting. I think it sounds great without MQA. I'm all for anything that makes them successful, it's a great service and I listen often. 

I found it ironic that "serious music listeners" and BluOS were mentioned in the same announcement.
i think a careful listener would conclude RP has been subtly processing the stream for years and in doing so providing good sound....i will continue to support them w my time and $, i like the music they play......
I’ve read some stuff about the processing they do, which is what makes me wonder if MQA is a step backwards.
could be, i only use the Bluesound in the sunroom with and i will have to have a listen sometime....

The NAIM in the other systems have a NAIm/RP exclusive feed but it’s not Redbook rez but is obviously sonically enhanced...