Radio Paradise Free

Anyone else streaming the RP, it is really good, sounds better than Tidal on the FLAC setting, using my Yggie. Note I have been a big fan of Tidal for the last year. Learned of new artists and there are a couple channels to choose from and it’s free. 
Radio Paradise does sound great on the highest bandwidth setting, but i would not say it sounds better than the HiFi Tidal
I listen to Radio Paradise on my Aurender N10 Music Server by going to their Internet page and look for Radio Paradise.  Aurender is using their 320k stream and it sounds very good.  Of course, Tidal and Qobuz have higher fidelity (FLAC streaming).  

Unfortunately, my Aurender does not support the RP link for FLAC streaming.  I asked RP about an API for FLAC steaming but its status is unknown.  I also do not know if it was available, would Aurender implement it.

I also asked RP about a FLAC URL that I could use with my Aurender. I have no info on its possible availability. 

Radio Pardise has one music channel and they play all types of music that works together.  I suggest you give it a listen.   Yes, it is a free streaming service. 

Radio Paradise is sometimes very good but they usually play ordinary classic rock songs imo
I read the same thing on another forum and I agree that the FLAC stream sounds very good running on my Bluesound Node 2i->Schitt Yggdrasil.

It does sound louder but I'm not sure it's better - they likely use some type of broadcast gain matching so the listener isn’t constantly moving their volume up and down from song to song and I believe that's why it's perceived as sounding better.

Regardless, it's great to see an Internet radio station with focus on sound quality and the mix is really good as well.

To me RP sounds more spatial, layered, 3D. Things just seem to float more in the air. It doesn’t seem louder at all, it’s a bit more laid back with more depth and soundstage also. I am totally digging it. Agree with Audiojedi, the mix is really nice, many new artists for us to enjoy.
I’ve been a long time supporter of Radio Paradise and use the service to hear favorites and discover many new artists as well, like Turin Brakes, Regina Spektor, Harry Manx and Trace Bundy. If you go to their website you can find the streaming links. I stream through Roon and the quality is great. So, support them! Donate $25 or whatever you think it’s worth. 
I agree with the above comments. I donated to them because I was listening to it every day while working. There are several channels to choose from. Main mix, groovy, mellow and rock. All good with little overlap. Sonic quality is good but of course not Tidal or Qobuz but the equivalent to Spotify in my office system. Also there is the capability to skip tracks you don’t like as well as caching hours of music on your portable for later play. And all for free. Maybe not forever. Im a fan and recommend that everyone try it. Use the RP player function. It has album info and lyrics. 
I’ve  been an RP subscriber for several years, and agree,it is very good.  There is a fairly new flac stream that is excellent sq, and I’m able to get it through Roon Internet Radio, but it has no song titles associated with the songs.  It has been a bit flakey but seems more stable as time goes on.  
I love RP, listen to it all day in my office. When a song strikes my fancy I add it to a Tidal playlist. Great way to experience new music. Just like normal radio, some songs aren't your cup of tea....I just turn down the volume till the next song comes on. Digital streaming has changed my listening habits dramatically....and for the better!!
i been listening to PR a bit more on the FLAC setting... there is something going on there with the gain-volume and spatial output.. some kinda majick
Radio Paradise I get on JRivers media 25 , these have a combination 
with mixed Rock , andnow a easy listening . And all Flac files ,
very respectable sound quality. And it all runs through their Jremote app.
I added the Radio Paradise FLAC Steaming URL link to my Aurender Music Server.   I received this link from Radio Paradise and it is a FLAC stream via this URL.   The link is:

For Aurender users, I go into the radio tab, click on the + sign and enter the URL.   I named it Radio Paradise FLAC.  It works perfectly.