RADIO KAOS by Roger Waters

Sorry folks! My original posting had the title cut off! I'm looking for a higher quality CD for this title ONLY! Is there an import version availible ON CD, a gold CD, or are there any plans to redo this CD. Thanks for the help.
fatparrot: first, i'd love to see you post on the "who r u" thread, just to tell us how your screen name was derived. second, i've never seen an alternative to the standard cd of "radio kaos." there may be a japanese pressing, tho i've not found one. i enjoy this album, too. it's somewhat less pretentious than "amused to death." thus, i would also be interested in knowing if an another, better-quality cd is out there. (i know you limited your inquiry to cd's, but i feel it important to note for my fellow vinyl junkies that the original uk lp of "radio kaos" is also vastly superior sonically to the cd version. as albert said of "amused to death," the lp has lots more information.) -kelly
Hey you must be big fan of Roger Waters. Radio KAOS IMO that's his worst record. I hope you already have got "The Pros and Cons of Hitch-Hiking" certainly his best work to date. Mastered by Doug Sax of Sheffield Lab fame.

I don't know of any high-quality version of Radio KAOS.
Good luck :-)
I have a vinyl copy of Radio Kaos,(Columbia) Cover-VG,Vinyl- mint minus.
If anyone wants it for $30 delivered let me know.
FYI - Speaking of the "Pros and Cons of Hitch-hiking". The first release of the American version of the LP is a great listen and is easy to identify because the model does not have the black rectangle over part of her body. It's worth seeking out if you enjoy the album.