Radio interference on my phono stage

Any suggestions guys, I have a set up I enjoy, but am troubled at times by picking up foreign radio stations(I live in the UK)
System(vinyl bit): Origin Live Resolution/Illustrious
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Clearaudio Reference set up as MM stage with 47kohm input impedence/ YS Audio Solo MC step up transformer.
Acoustic Zen Silver ref cables.
Conrad Johnson Prem 17 pre
Pass Labs Aleph 3 power
Living Voice Avatar speakers
As I said above, I really enjoy the vinyl reproduction I get, but at times pick up radio stations at a clearly audible volume. The problem is worse in the evening, I seem to remember an explanation some years ago, why radio station interference is worse in the evening, but can't remember what it was.
I've tried dressing cables, Bhuddist mantras, meditation, nothing works. One thought is the phono stage sits under my turntable on a Mana Reference wall stand, the iron frame of which might encourage radio pick up, but I've nowhere else I can easily put it. I asked the UK Clearaudio importer a helpful guy, who sucked his teeth and suggested trying Shakti On Lines, or the Shakti EMI interference block.
Any thoughts on whether this or other ideas might work? Anyone else had a similar problem? Advise would be very welcome
Ah the treacherous Tokyo Rose(wood) filling the airways! Yes, I have had the problem. And it gets worse with the night ionosphere. Can you tell what frequency is stepping on you? More than one? Moving solved my problem. Not meself, the table. I figured it out when I scratched my head during an occurrence and it stopped. I played with it for quarter of an hour. So I moved it and no more! More strange was the case of a friend of mine whose bathroom played a station. The steam radiator acted as a tuning fin. The sound came from his basin (copper piping).
i doubt it's your koestsu. too much junk on the airwaves, i'd suggest. solution is to rid yourself of your present PM, not AM.
I agree with Cornfedboy that the Koetsu had nothing to do with it, also, I agree with Aceto that moving your turntable to a different location with turn the trick.

Wrap the phono cable with aluminum foil the way and add ferrite beads will surely solve the problem 100%.

Give it a shot! It doesn't cost 10cents
I have a TT that has two ground wires; one coming from the tonearm and one coming from the bottom of the bearing. If I don't ground both wires I will receive RFI. Grounding the tonearm seems to be the most critical part for my TT.
Thanks, thats helpful, excuse my ignorance, but what are ferrite beads and where might you find them, a harware shop?
I've responded to interference questions before and this is no different. I think I have a solution for you:

I live less than one mile from a strong AM tower. I could hear the station through my system. I replaced my interconnects and speaker cables with Canare cable and the interference was gone. I didn't have to move anything. Canare is inexpensive and is used in pro sound applications and by a majority of the recording industry.
May I add a question for the solution of a similiar problem. I run a Scheu Premier (Eurolab) TT in to a McIntosh C200 preamp. I use both an Ortofon Venice MC and a Cartridge Man Music Maker III into the MM-input of the Mac. Woth the Ortofon, no problem. With The Music Maker, an audible hum and sometimes radio reception. I guess that by shielding the cable, I could get rid of the radio reception, but not of the hum. Are there other methods I do not think of. The Scheu-Tacco-arm I use has a Scheu-developed silver wiring which goes all the way to the preamp, being connected with Eichmann Bullet Plugs. The wire itself is to thin to add another wire for earthing it to the Mac. Any suggestions?
I have a Pass Aleph Ono and was picking radio stations very lightly. I noticed the chasis wasn't grounded to the third prong in the IEC. The tonearm ground was, but not the third prong. So I loosened a chasis screw and grounded the chasis to a screw on an electical outlet and everything was fine. I even asked Wayne Colburn(he designed the amp) if that was OK. He said if it fixes it, fine.