Radio Days..............and you?

Not the Woody Allen film, but my start in my music addiction was with radio. I started with a good AM radio my parents gave me for Christmas. Spent days listening to a local rock station and nights listening to WLS and KAAY. After these years with some very good high end audio systems I still find radio a valued source. Currently I am mainly Jazz and Classical on a couple of college/public radio stations with a Nakamichi TM-1and TM-2.

Do you still use radio as a frequent source? If so, what are you using for a radio, tuner, receiver...etc.?

I should also meniton, I do have a decent stereo system with a Magnum Dynalab tuner...but find myself listening to the Nak set more....part of OFS....Old Fart Syndrom. 


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Something I learned, embraced some years ago.  A twenty year old Ferrari is not a bad car, just like many old FM tuners are not bad radios. Most technology builds on what has come before, as are many things in culture, technology. 

dayglow,  Yes, KAAY in Little Rock.  WLS had the top 3 phone requests every night at 10....and I am old enough to remember that for what seemed like months, the number one phone request was "Shut Down" by the Beach Boys.  The Beach Boys, Del Shannon and others.....then came the British Invasion.  Unfortunately there were many American artists that were tossed aside during the British Invasion.....all impacted by a funny looking man with a show on Sunday evenings. 

From my audio memory/the past, I feel my radio listening peaked with a Magnum MD-108 I had through various Classe and Conrad-Johnson amplification and some very good interconnects into Maggie 20 speakers.  The public radio station in Madison, Wi. had an active drummer of many years as the host and he played much vinyl. His Saturday night program ran until midnight and I rarely got to bed before that.