Radio Days..............and you?

Not the Woody Allen film, but my start in my music addiction was with radio. I started with a good AM radio my parents gave me for Christmas. Spent days listening to a local rock station and nights listening to WLS and KAAY. After these years with some very good high end audio systems I still find radio a valued source. Currently I am mainly Jazz and Classical on a couple of college/public radio stations with a Nakamichi TM-1and TM-2.

Do you still use radio as a frequent source? If so, what are you using for a radio, tuner, receiver...etc.?

I should also meniton, I do have a decent stereo system with a Magnum Dynalab tuner...but find myself listening to the Nak set more....part of OFS....Old Fart Syndrom. 


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Hi whatjd,

My tuner and turntable are still my main sources, and I too listen mostly to public radio jazz. So, KUVO in Denver.

My tuner is a 1964 McIntosh MR 71, but tucked away is my later date Sansui TU 717. For me, these are two of the most aesthetically pleasing models, thus reenforcing that old fart syndrome.


I could not agree more, as that’s where it’s at today for the technology. But, I have to say, I really don’t like my car radio or use an alarm clock.

My McIntosh MR71 is not original. I first sent it to Audio Classics to have it restored to original spec. It sounded very good after that. A couple of years after that, I sent it to a guy up in Montreal, who designed and built tube amplifiers back in the Fifties, but who’s claim to fame was his work in the wireless communications industry. After retirement, his true love became rebuilding classic tuners and reworking key circuits for better sound. It’s the best sound from a tuner that I have ever heard. So much, that I had custom replicated, the classic cabinet for it, but done in Birdseye Maple.

Okay, I guess I really love my tuner.