Racoon fried my Monster AC Powerstation

Last night a racoon climbed a power pole about a quarter mile behind our house and shorted the lines. Our lights dimmed, like we were running on one phase of power. The lights flickered on and off. My brother in law, Dan, and I were discussing possible causes, when the powercenter went zzzzzt, then smoked profusely. I quickly went to the breaker box and shut the power to the house off. Called the power company while Dan drove down the edge of the corn field checking the power poles, since my wife said she saw a bright flash from behind the house, the direction the lines run. Dan got about a quarter mile down, and found arcing and smoke at the top of one of the poles. The power company came, measured the power at my meter, and found 240 volts. He then drove down to where Dan found the arcing, and came back, stating there was a very cooked racoon at the base of the pole, and that it shorted the wires. He then got in the bucket and went up to the transformer that supplies power to our home, and found it fried, just like my powercenter, only it was producing a bit more juice than I needed. Said the coon supplied a power surge that did the damage. After a few hours, they put a new transformer up, and things were back to normal.
Only I'm wondering why the surge didn't trip the main breakers, (gotta get that looked at), or hurt anything else in the house. The Monster Powercenter has a built in circuit breaker on the rear that may or may not have tripped, but I think the surge may have been too great and arced across and did some major damage. The television is fine, the Pass Labs X250 plugged directly to the wall is fine, everything that was connected to the Monster is fine. All appliances are fine, the computer is fine, etc., etc.
Why did the surge only affect the Powercenter? I would have thought that if that much power could do that much damage to something with a built in breaker, it should have had a real fun time with the rest of my gear.
Just consider yourself lucky Dan was there - otherwise another Racoon would have snuck in the house and stolen your awesome system whilst you were out inspecting the line - that was their plan no doubt!
Shadorne LOL. Yes but the plot is more complicated than you thought. Rocky raccoon has had it in for Dan ever since the gunfight in the black mining hills of Dakota over his love Mcgill who called herself Lill. But then as I recall, everyone knew her as Nancy. Anyway he obviously planned to either burn him alive or ambush him when he came outside. Personally I'd hoped his finding Guideon's Bible would set him on the straight and narrow. But you know how love is. Abucktwoeighty sorry you were involved in the plot.
Abucktwoeighty, giggles mostly aside, it sounds like the Monster acted like a fuse (or like an output transistor in a solid-state amp, hee hee) and died to save the rest of your system.

A few months ago a fault developed in the AC line to our house in the country and the neutral wire started carrying the second AC leg. That sent 220V to most of the house. Nothing was harmed except a few light bulbs, which burned out real fast. And no breakers tripped either. It's just a guess, but maybe good grounding helped.
Agree it was power to the ground line. The Monster power gizmo probably uses some circuit to the ground for protecting etc and the frying came in via the ground, which probably was not designed for.
Most electronics have a 'safety ground' that is really not in the electronics circuit at any normal time, so the powered ground did not damage them,(though if you had been holding the chassis of one of them will taking a leak, you would definitly would have noticed!)
I love the humor on this site! You folks are a gas!

Tobias, sounds like we had the same problem. Did your main breakers trip? Was trying to think of a way to test the breakers without going through alot of trouble, but if your breakers didn't trip, I think mine are alright.

Since the powercenter is history, I can think of no good reason to put something similar back in the system, other than the outlets being in close proximity. The system's on a dedicated circuit, so I should be fine without.
Thanks to all for the input, and chuckles.
Does Monster have a guarantee against damage like some other companies? Panamax does. We had a customer that got hit by lightening twice and they paid for everything to get fixed. In the second strike the guys old school style Bell wall phone was launched and embedded into his refrigerator!

Abucktwoeighty, forgot to mention that. No indeed not, my breakers did not trip, just like yours didn't.

Elizabeth, I managed to keep from touching any chassis parts while taking a leak (whew!) but changing the light bulb in the range hood, and the shock I got then, was what moved me to call in a pro. (Who charged $140 to tell me it was the utility's problem, but that's another story.)
Sounds like like the powercenter did it's job...sacrificing itself in the process....heroic, I'd get another one!