Racks, reasonably priced

I am in the market for an audio rack and $1000 is my budget. I need 5, maybe 6 shelves. Any suggestions and also, has anyone noticed a CLEAR improvement when they replaced/upgraded their rack?
Hi, I got my Omni-Mount 5 shelf rack at a steep discount for about $275, I'm not sure what they might be retail, (got mine @ wholesale), but it's built like a tank, and I think attractive, too. The shelves are glass, not the best thing re resonance, but Vibra-pods are cheap. Take a look online, or you can take a look at mine in Virtual Systems.

Good luck, and enjoy,

To answer your question regarding improvement, that is a definite YES!

I had been a long time user of Lovan Soverign racks because they were modular and I can stack them however I want (two different heights). I then migrated to Solidsteel racks. If you don't want to spend a lot of money, I would highly recommend the Solidsteel racks. You can find a used one for around $400. Mine is setting in the office right now as a shelf for paperwork. :-P

A friend of mine bought these Grand Prix racks two years ago. This guy had tried everything under the sun, and he ended up with a 400 lb slab that he was using under his electromicroscope at his lab at work. We visited his place when he first got the Grand Prix, so we could help him swap out the slab. When I held the Grand Prix amp stands, I thought he had gone mad paying that kind of price for something so light and flimsy. (It felt flimsy to me) But after we did the swap, we were all in awe of the improvement we heard.

I ended up doing some research online and have ended up replacing my Solidsteele stand with offerings from SolidTech.

With help from folks here, I built a rod and butcher block rack that I am well pleased with. 4 shelves for around $800. The below-linked thread ("Anyone built a flexi-type rack?") gives a pretty detailed account of the considerations involved. I like the looks better than most stuff I see at the price point, like Solid Steel, and many with more experience than I say similar things about the sonics. If you are semi-handy, quite possible to bring something in with 5 or 6 shelves for under a grand, especially if you use stainless rod instead of brass (prices on latter have gone crazy, perhaps due military consumption).


Jdoris, do you have the link to the picture of your rack? i am also interested on building some. as there is less option avail here locally. cheers
Milen007: No pics posted yet, but I could email you a few, if you send me as address. J