Rack recommendations

i'm in the market for a rack. would prefer about 5-6 shelves, with wheels. i've looked at Pangaea, VTI, Salamander online. local dealers carry the latter. i just want something that's 1) deep enough for my amplifier and 2) relatively easy to move around (hence wheels)

are there other brands at similar price points that i'm missing? also, in your experience, do racks even make a difference to the sound? i'm a little skeptical but willing to be educated 
appreciate all the recs - i hit up my cousin who does woodworking and he said i'm going to be paying a lot more for materials right now. he wouldn't be able to do anything til winter anyway because it's his busy season. a new rack isn't really a necessity for me but it would be nice - i'll probably just bide my time for now 
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I've used Salamander for years.  My Twin 40 rack evolved with my system.  Years later it a Triple 40.  Salamander has a boat load of upgrade options and accessories.  The rack is very rigid. I have 3 TT on it only have vibration issues when I step hard or touch my spring floating plinth tt is in use, my system is on the 2nd floor.  My Technics SL-1210MKII is rock solid even when that one song has me dancing around the room like fool.

Another vote for Salamander, I have the A5 with an additional shelf in walnut. They are a solid build, adjustable, and a "affordable" price range for most, plus I've received many nice compliments as well.
Hold out for a used Solid Steel
middle of their line and up are excellent
I landed a walnut 4 shelf and was floored by the isolation improvement
good luck