Rack Recommendation for VK-600

I'm seeking recommendations for an attractive audio rack capable of holding a BAT VK-600. The VK-600 is a large beast weighing in at 23 inches deep and 9.5 inches high. This seems to outstrip anything I can find.

Any clues would be appreciated.

grand prix audio amp stand is your answer.
I second the Grand Prix. I could not believe how much the sound improved when I changed from the Sand Box style amp stand to the Grand Prix. The Apex feet make it even better.
Look into Appogg Isolation Systems, tell Aaron that Art with the VAC amps referred you, wonderful products from a new company.
Starsound Sistrum the only direct coupled rack on this planet. Tom
How about the Mapleshade racks? The shelves are infinitely adustable and you can order shelves up to 4 inches thick. They will custom build if you want but I think the big Samson rack should be fine for your VK-600. These are on my upgrade list.
Billy Bags
I bet a nice set of 40 DD's would suffice :)
Cheap.... Guizu Noblesse.

Expensive... Grand Prix
Steve Blinn racks can accommodate the BAT, either in a stand alone amp rack or as part of his basic multi-shelf designs. His racks are all adjustable, with thick maple shelves and metal supports. Email him and he'll accommodate your needs easily.