rack recommendation

Hi all,

I'm looking for a rack for my system. Can anyone recommend a website with lots of good shelving units? At least one shelf needs to hold 80#. Dims should be 20" W x 18" D x 40" H. My budget is around $200. I looked into audioadvisor website, but didn't find anything I liked. Thanks in advance.
check this out:
You could check out this thread on A'gon. -->


Users 'Dave43' and 'Caterham1700' both weigh in on their different "project racks" if you don't mind the DIY route.
Hi, a far cry from 200 but anyone looking for an astechically beautiful strudy well made rack or piece of furniture should ck out Zoethecus. I have the Cordovan finish rack and amp stand. Absolutely beautiful finish and well made piece of furniture. 200 most likely will get a flimsy unsturday rack with poor isolation. I seen a 5 shelf Maple finish Zoethecus rack for sale here on Audiogon for under 800. Well worth the price. --------- Zoethecus - High Quality Audio/Video FurnitureAddress:http://www.zoethecus.com/