Rack placement - what works best?

Monarchy monoblocks, Monarchy Pre/Dac, Legacy Sig III speakers, Sony 9000ES.

I currently have my rack off to the side of one of the speakers with nothing in between the speakers. The soundstage is tremendous but I am forced to use 12 foot runs of speaker cable to get to the far side speaker. I am considering moving my rack to the center where I could upgrade my speaker cable by using shorter runs. My concern is what will the rack do to my soundstage by being in the middle. Comments/suggestions appreciated.
It will depend on the type of rack, open architecture (like the Sistrum racks I prefer) or a large coffin. Usually, racks are best kept out of corners as the airborne vibration is exacerbated in corners due to boundary reinforcment. If a rack is to be positioned between the speakers, I find that it must be kept quite low and placed well behind the plane of the speakers. This isn't always the most convenient for the user, but better sonically. I usually find that I end up with the amp(s) between the speakers and the rest of the equipment along the side wall, though this requires a longer run of interconnect. Good Luck.
Open architecture stands like the Sistrum racks evoke a strong center point for the music to hang from. I have my Sistrum rack centered and a couple feet behind the rear plane of my still almost Dunlavy SC4's. In my 2 channel only system many listeners have asked what center channel speaker I use. My answer is none! Which in my opinion is the best center speaker available. Sistrum racks will establish the soundstage like no other single component I know available today. Sistrum in the center, is the sonic focal point of my music system.