Rack of Silence, how good is it for a Turntable ?

I am looking to upgrade from my solidsteel rack. One of the main requirement is to support my Verdier TT. The Rack of Silence falls right in my budget but I have very little idea how it sounds. I am typically looking for something that is lively, dynamic and open sounding. I see a number of system on Audiogon using ROS but very little user comments.

If anyone has an opinion on this rack, please share.
The best rack is Symposium Isis.If you get Rack of Silence and use Symposium Ultra under the turntable that would work as well.
It's hard to compare racks. But I've been using ROS racks under my entire system. I would say that the design lean towards lively, dynamic, and open sounding, especially if utilizing the "spring" upgrades to the reference level.

All their footers, feet of silence and discs of silence, tend to sound that way as well. The older version of the rack utilize ball bearings (comes standard) underneath components. You can buy wooden pucks to sit on the beams and use SolidTech footers or any other aftermarket footers. The current version got rid of the ball bearings and use a more stable system to hold components. They also use spikes at the bottom of the rack. I don't know if there's any difference in sound.

One thing to know is that the spring-loading (reference upgrade) can only be done to the middle racks, the top and bottom shelves need to be fixed to keep the rack rigid. My TT, a Michell Orbe SE, sits on top of an IKEA chopping board, then on a set of "bench cookies" onto the top shelf. The TT itself is spring-loaded. I can say that at minimum, the rack does what the company claims. My kids like to run in and out of the room, and I never had the stylus jumped. That's. of course, before I loaded them with sugar...

Racks are like golf shoes...gotta have em but nobody wants to buy em, especially reaaly good ones.

a rack manuf recently told me a good rack is like a cable upgrade...probably true but hard to wrap your head around.
A rack shouldn't sound like anything.

Not true. The reality is that everything has a resonance frequency, and that, unfortunately, has an impact on the sound. And there are all kinds of resonance "noises", some from equipment itself, some airborne, and some coming up from the floor, etc. Some school of thought was to mass load the rack or plinth. But that only alters the resonance frequency, not eliminate them.

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