Rack mount preamps for cheap

So I have about had it up to there with my Carver Ct-26v A great preamp but only when it decides to work. I'm looking for something under $500 used or new that sounds like the Carver (giant bass and sounds ok at lower volume levels) and it needs to actually be rack mountable, not just look like it's rackmountable (ala the carver). A 1 rack space unit would be ideal. Currently it's mated to my home studio system which has a Peavey 400CS (don't laugh, it sounds good) and some Alesis Monitor 2's I don't really need a phono section at the moment, but the upgrade path would be nice.
Try a Counterpoint. Good tube dynamics--probably similar to your Carver except that the bass will probably not be "giant". Most built in the 80'2 were rack-mountable, I believe. SA-3 & 3.1 should go for around $300-400 while the newer SA-5 series will fetch a higher premium. Counterpoint is out of business, although the former owner and chief designer, Mike Elliot, still services all Counterpoint gear. So, don't be too concerned about service issues. Mr. Elliot also offers comprehensive upgrades for reasonable prices. Good gear for little $!
How about a NAD 1600 pre-tuner? The rack mount handles were not standard, but were available as an option.
I have some suggestions. You used to be able to get some rack ears from Adcom for their preamps, like the GTP400 etc.Also, you may be able to find a rackmount Bryston, but it's gonna' cost a bit more. Also look for some older B&K preamps which were rack mount, and might also have phono. As a last, cheap resort, Gemini makes the PA701 rackmount preamp which is is $119.00 new at J&R. Good luck.
Most of the Parasound preamps come with a 19" rack-mountable face plate and are very nice quality for the money. There are several models in your price range used. The PLD-2000 is superb and can be had for around $600, the 1500 and 1100 are also good, and cheaper. I never actually mounted one in a rack but looks like they were well designed for it. Check the specs if you're buying used, some come with a 17" face plate that isn't designed for mounting.
I think that the Sumo Athena, whose manufacturer is now defunct will give you the best bang for the money. It has a class A output stage that was once highly regarded by Stereophile as the "Preamp for CDs." It has nice and slim styling with record output switching and tons of connections. It was the first preamp I bought and still keep around...used to cost about $600 but I think you can find them for about $175-250. You will not regret it and it comes with rack mounting extensions built it, heavy anonized black aluminum.