rack mount ?

I have parasound zseries componets. 2 amps, 2 speaker selecters, 1 pre and 1 cooling fan. My question is where to put the fan. Top, bottom or in between. They will be stacked on top of each other in a single space rack.
I don't know what kind of fan you are using, or if you rack is enclosed. Assuming it is not inclosed, and assuming you fan will move the air horizontally, I'd put the fan on a level at the top of the upper amp so the combined heat of the amps is directed away from the upper components, unless the lower amp's heat is affecting the temp of the upper amp. If so I'd put the amp directly behind the upper amp as a compromise.
Put it where it is needed the most.
It's the parasound ZBreeze. I believe it pulls air from the bottom. Will be a open cabinet.
Frankly I'm not sure how much difference it will make. Heat normally rises - and this heat will affect the temp of the components above it. You really want to break up the column of heat from the amps and a using fans directing heat in a horizontal flow can be effective.

The question may be 'do you really need' this fan in your set up at all. One uses a fan to draw cool(er) air over a component, or one uses a fan to cool an enclosure by increasing circulation and drawing in fresh air. I think if you are using an open rack that cooling may be unnecessary, especially if you allow some space between components to allow for the natural circulation caused by the natural rise of heated air.
I would put it under the power amp only. You want the coolest air feed the highest power component, and you don't want hot air leaving the power amp feeding the low voltage preamps.

So I would place the preamp/selector switch at the bottom, followed by a space, then the fan, then the power amp on top. The preamps and switch don't need cooling.