Rack for System and CD player recommendations

We've recently finished putting together our first system of note after a number of months of listening and research. Being classical musicians we were particularly interested in equipment that would produce as true fidelity as possible for acoustic recordings.

Our equipment:
LFD LE IV Signature integrated amplifier
Harbeth P3ESR Speakers
Musical Surroundings Phonomena II phono stage
Rega RP6 Turntable
Exact II Cartridge
Cambridge Audio Sonata CD30

The Cambridge we got at a very reasonable price new as it had been discontinued but we are looking to upgrade in that department at some point. Also we have everything housed in a large cabinet which is not optimal, especially it seems for the turntable and the speakers (speaker stands are also in our future). Any recommendations for an appropriate CD player for what we listen to and are trying to achieve as well as an appropriate system rack to help maximize the sound of the system?

Many thanks in advance from this newbie...I've trolled the forums many times for input and have learned a lot from so many of you.
CD player must be an Oppo. Great sound, great value.
If your budget is around $1600, I'd give Music Direct a call and grab a Marantz SA-15S2b SACD player. Even though it's a SACD player, it will do wonders with your CDs. Even if you don't primarily listen to SACDs (like me), consider it. It is a wonderful player for the price and the latest MD catalog has one listed for that price.

It can unravel the music down to the note. Massed strings, as well as solos, sound beguiling. It reveals the layers and spotlights nothing, but you'll find yourself trying to follow all that's going on. It gives equal weight, laterally, to the soundstage and speaking of weight, it brings much needed gravitas and body.

I guess you can tell I like mine. Being a demo, MD will still give you a 30 day trial period. I'd at least try it out if it's within your budget.

As for your predicament concerning a rack, I've always been partial to Timbernation.com. Chris makes a fine product and it's up to you how you want it to look. He's not cheap but what he makes will last a lifetime.

All the best,
Hey Buconero, thanks for the response but what does "CD player must be an Oppo" mean? I'm pretty new to all this so a lot of the slang gets by me.
Thanks for the feedback Nonoise...I'll check both resources out. Didn't have any idea at all where to look for racks.
I would second Nonoises' recommendations; I recently purchased three maple audio racks from Timbernation, stained dark cherry. They're gorgeous, incredibly stable and weigh a ton. Vibration will not be an issue; can't recommend them highly enough.

While my username says I'm partial to Arcam, I'm also a big Marantz fan; currently saving up for the limited reference series amp. I also own the UD7006, which, until this year, was Marantz' top-of-the-line Blu-ray/SACD player. I use it primarily for music, and it sounds great....so I would highly recommend the reference limited SACD.

Interesting. The front end, Cambridge CD30, is completely disproportionate to the balance of the system. I mean really, K-Mart tires on the Porche. A Rega Apollo-R coupled with a Micromega MyDac would place this all in serious territory.

The rack, and I mean it really does compliment all of this, is the Quadraspire Sunoko Vent. Really didn't place so much stock in racks until converting from Target stands to these. Seriously, a dark art this vibration thing.

Speaker stands. The Harbeths do not always like a heavily massed stand, so some experimentation may be involved. Good quality stands will allow much more air to form around instruments and vocals. The soundstage will expand substantially and the speakers will disappear leaving only music. Have fun.
When MusicDirect reduced its price (from ~$950 to ~$700) for the SolidSteel 5.5 rack a few months ago, I purchased one. I had purchased a 3-shelf SolidSteel rack new ca. 1995 when SolidSteel began being imported into the US, and I had been hoping to replace it with another SolidSteel rack which has more shelves (to accommodate a couple more components I would be acquiring).

I was very satisfied with my original rack, and I am extremely satisfied with my new rack, as well. With either purchase, I wanted something that is highly functional, open, attractive (in a minimal, spare sense), extremely rigid, and not visually distracting/overwhelming nor having the appearance of a lab/specimen table, and not hideously expensive. I also wanted something more vertical than horizontal.

This time I chose silver+gray rather than black+black, because the black stand, like my black upright piano, seems to suck the light out of my room and to always need dusting!

Why five shelves rather than four? To accommodate a couple of anticipated additional purchases. Why the Series 5 rack rather than the heavier duty, Series 6 rack? Because of the smallish size of my components.

Good luck with your search and eventual purchase.