Rack/component fans?

What are your suggestions for rack/component fans? Make, model, etc? Thanks.

Joe in Mobile
Think cabinet, not rack. Best that you isolate the components from the acoustic energy in the room, racks do not do that. I've tried racks, many different kinds but found the cabinet works best, and yes, proper ventilation is a must. The latter is not hard given the low cost of laptop coolers on the market.
I don't think you answered his question. Anyway how can a laptop cooler be used, as they are usb powered. (Lastly, is usb 12 volt, and if so can you cut off the end and attach a 12v wallwart plug?)

I'm likewise looking for a super quiet fan to cool my tube poweramp.
You could try coolerguys.com. I asked them a question a couple of weeks ago and they never answered but maybe you will have better luck.

I really like the Sanus six-shelf audio rack I bought (Natural Foundations, I think they call it). Very easy to assemble, lots of airspace, rock solid, no vibration or ventilation problems at all. Also bought their matching TV stand and CD storage rack, too. I use IKEA Expedit shelving for my LP storage, great stuff to which I only added an X-brace in the back for extra reinforcement/weight capacity.
A bunch of challenged readers here apparently. He wants a FAN for a rack.

Rat Shak has FANS for this kind of application, and Salamander makes FANS that fit into the rear of their cabinets.

There, of course, is also the s.e.a.r.c.h function and google that will yield thousands of results.
Cooling fans for laptops can be run from usb power strips that get there power from an AC wall wart. Meritline sells one for $8 that can handle seven usb plugs and it includes the AC power adapter. The also have one $25 but the $8 one will do the trick. I've seen laptop coolers for less the $15, that are also most silent. So, trying one can put you in business for less then $25. Enjoy the music.
Thanks Buconero. Very helpful for me. These laptop cooling fans are the most compact for me as long as they are very quiet.
Where would you locate your fans on a cabinet?

Joe in Mobile
Beside coolerguys, i found another site with good deals on cabinet fans for your A/V system.