Rack Advice Needed

I am interested in a rack that will fit into an existing opening in my living room where I now have a bookcase. Something sturdy, about 4 feet high, that slides out preferably. I now have an amp, pre/pro, universal disc player, video processor/switcher, cable box, media center pc and will be adding a DAC and power conditioner soon. I am planning to have an enclosure built around it with doors that blend into the room, and bookshelves above it. Should I plan to have a fan built in as well? Any suggestions of where to look or order from, brands, materials, features to watch for would be appreciated as I am a newb and this is my first "real" system. Thanks.
You could start at:

rack and stands.com
Go to the design center at Lowes, Home Depot, Mennards etc. Take your dimensions, color pallete and budget. Choose from wood, metal, glass, granite, corian, you name it. The same skills that go into kitchen cabinetry will cross over to your audio rack system needs. You can plan your storage and airflow needs as well as lighting and electrical all at the same time. You will save much over a dedicated audio custom piece, and it will add to your homes appeal. As a bonus everything will match.

(p.s.) there is a lot of wiggle room in their pricing for cabinets and lighting.
The popular rack that is buget minded and alot of AV guys use is midalantic. Check ou there site they make some neat things that pull out and swivel so you can get to the componments.

Yes I would leave venting in most cases fans are not necessory if venting is done well. However ahve no ideal what you plan to run in there, just a receiver you are probably fine, seprates you may need to consider active venting.
Be sure and check out Salamander. They have tons of stand options and would most likely have something that would work for you.

While I am a Salamander dealer, there are multiple places to buy. Check out their website for build options.

Good luck!

If you plan on having an enclosure built around it, why not have your carpenter build an entire rack system? Just a thought.
Thanks for the suggestions. I considered having the cabinet maker who worked on my house build something but I'd prefer to do something that (a) takes less time to build and (b) is less of a permanent commitment as I'm not sure how many more years I'll be in the house. The Midatlantic racks looks pretty close to what I am looking for. Something like their AXS line. Now I have to make sure I can get the right size. If there are any other brands of reasonably priced, quality racks to consider please feel free to let me know.
Salamander is nice but more money and less versatile if you go with a normal "rack" you have the option to rack mount some equipment and all the variety of shelves and cable management that come with a real rack,. We build them in all the time to rooms ck out vas forum under ht construction for examples and pics. For ultra high end there are better solutions with vibration isolation etc but get the welded one it is allot sturdier. Also ck craigs list there are tons of business selling racks if you have a little flexibility
Thinking about it some more, a free standing stand would probably make more sense for me. The Salamander looks nice. Are there any other systems I should consider?