Racing car vs audio system

I can compare up grading a stereo system to car racing. There is the Nissan Micra Cup, where all cars have the same motor, but they fine tune them : motor, suspension, brakes to have a more performant car. The winner is the one that has the best skill. For a test, two pilots have tried one stock Nissan Micra and the other a Cup Series Nissan Micra , and the result is incredible, how, up grades make the car more performant and fun to drive. By the way up graded tires have also an arrow to indicate the direction of rotation. In my stereo system, that's what happened when I fine tuning it, it is more fun and accurate to listen to. PS : If you like motor sport, use ear plug use (~33dB noise reduction), so when you return to listen to your stereo system, you would be able to noticed the fine music informations details . Now, I have to listen to very good music, enjoy. Bye.